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Photographer's Incurable Eye Condition Healed

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“Look at the pretty birds and flowers and just all the joy there is in photography! It's a moment captured in time. The flower that I had opening, that will never happen again. The picture that you take will never be the same again. It's a memory in time.”

Sandi Angel has long enjoyed capturing the beauty of God’s creation around her hometown of Sidney, Montana. In May 2019, her eye doctor gave her news that could very well take that all away.

“He said, ‘Yep, you have wet macular, so we're just going to start the medication right now.’ I didn't really understand what could happen to me. I didn't connect a wet macular with going blind.”

Wet macular degeneration is a disorder that occurs when abnormal blood vessels leak into the retina and interfere with vision. While incurable, it is treatable. The treatments, however, would be lifelong and painful. “I said, are you talking about a shot? He said, 'I am.' A shot in my eye?! 'Yes, in your eye.' And I just panicked! It's not normal to have a needle coming into your eye.”

Sandi’s doctor told her she would need shots in her left eye every two months. A friend had to drive her the forty-five minutes to and from each appointment.

"The stress level was high, and I wasn't very nice. You have somebody coming at you with a needle, it’s scary. He would say, ‘Look, pick a spot on the ceiling and don't move,’ but it still hurt.”

Even with pain medication, Sandi says the pain from the shot was terrible and lasted until the next day. “It was the nights that were bad. I mean, sometimes I'd be up all night long with tears just running from my eyes, from the pain. It was going to be a lifetime thing because nobody gets off the needle. I didn't ask God for healing. I didn't pray for it. I thought it was just getting old. The eyes are getting old.”

For three years, Sandi continued with her treatments, and with her daily routine of watching the 700 Club. 

“The testimonies, and the prayers, the words of knowledge, and all these things that are being answered, I love all the 700 Club!”

Then on April 27th, 2022, she heard Ashley say:

“I believe that the Lord is healing eyesight right now. The left eye, I believe that God is healing that for you right now. Claim this for yourself, receive it. Receive the healing from God who sees you and loves you. He heals you right now.”

"I said that's for me! And I just knew it was for me. I knew it in my heart. And I jumped up. That's for me! I felt important. All of a sudden, I felt like I was seen but I know I always was seen.”

A few days later, Sandi was scheduled for another painful shot. This time, she was ready.

"My heart was just smiling because I knew what he was going to say. And when he walked in, he said, ‘Are you ready for some good news?’ And I said, 'Yeah.' He said, ‘Not only are you reading your eye chart better, but you no longer have wet macular. You don't need the shots anymore. Nobody gets off the shots. This is a miracle!”’

Sandi hasn’t had to have a shot since and continues to get good reports from her eye doctor.

“I'm thanking God! And I feel so blessed because He knew what was going to happen in the long run. He knew I could have gone blind and I would miss everything that's out here, everything that I love. And so that made me feel pretty special. He was taking care of me. And I mean, if He can count every hair on your head and on a little sparrow, think about that. Even the tiniest little thing that you think is little, God is watching and taking care of you.”

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