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Things Looked Permanent in The Natural

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“…I felt as if, I felt as if God was saying, I heard you all this time…..”

Falling for no reason wasn’t the only thing Dawn Marie Vaughn would experience. Before long, she was also losing control of her bladder. ““it's embarrassing thing to say. But right there on the street, and I start to urinate on myself --- I'm looking around and I’m like, What am I gonna do?”” Dawn says. A month later in February of 2023, Dawn’s husband Robin took her to the doctor. They found out Dawn had spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal causing extreme back pain, weakness and numbness in the legs, and incontinence among other symptoms. Her doctor didn’t give much hope, saying “it’s not gonna go away. You could just do your physical therapy and we hope for the best.”

As Dawn’s condition continued to deteriorate over the next 7 months, it became more challenging for her to lean on her faith. “I was depressed a lot --- I wouldn't answer the phone, I wasn't responding to text messages; at one point I didn’t want to pray“, Dawn says. Despite the treatments and physical therapy, Dawn’s quality of life continued to plunge.
Then, on August 3rd, 6 months after her spinal stenosis diagnosis, she turned on the 700 Club and Ashley Key had a word of knowledge. Ashley said:

“There's somebody else watching with spinal stenosis, I'm not even sure what that condition entails but somebody has it and I believe God is healing you right now - The pain, the discomfort from that condition.  God is healing you.  He is correcting everything that has been not correct.  You will be able to move like you haven't been avle to in a long time.  Just receive this healing from the Lord, your God.”

When Dawn heard this she said she immediately got up and danced, with no pain, despite being in constant pain for several months with spinal stenosis. Since then, Dawn has not experienced even one relapse of her spinal stenosis symptoms! Her miraculous healing has encouraged not just her, but those around her to believe in God for their own miracles. “In Dawn’s words, “I forget all about spinal stenosis to tell you the truth”. She concludes saying “It was as if this bright light just shined on me.  I felt as if, I felt as if God was saying, I heard you all this time.”

Since her healing, Dawn is now working with, Ascended Word Outreach and Mentoring, Inc. ( ) and her novel, "Stellar”, can be found there as well.



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