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Put Anxiety in the Past

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In 2013, while trying to get on an airplane, Josh began experiencing severe chest and shoulder pain as well as difficulty breathing. He thought he was having a heart attack. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors ran several tests. The results showed that what Josh was experiencing was a panic attack. As he tried to get back to his normal life, things got worse. He began waking up frantic in the middle of the night, even canceling scheduled performances out of fear. What made matters worse was that life was good for Josh and his family. He didn’t understand where this was coming from. Josh sought out counseling and was on medication for a while. He also changed his lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy, and getting rest.  Josh was already in God’s word, but he began to focus on scriptures that talk about not worrying.  He still deals with anxiety on occasion, but he’s better equipped to deal with it by practicing a healthier lifestyle and training his body to calm down by praying, focusing on scripture, etc.  He explains, “It is a daily handing my life over to Jesus. And saying, ‘I really do believe that You are big enough to carry me through this.’ I’ve always said that Christ is all that I need but, in those moments, He’s really all that I have.”

The song “Borrow (One Day at A Time)” is currently Top 30 at Christian radio. He recently shared the meaning of his new single with Based on the phrase “don’t borrow trouble,” that today has enough trouble of its own so there’s no need to borrow any from tomorrow, Wilson explains, "I’m finding that this song resonates with many people in the recovery community, as the mantra for those who struggle with addiction is 'one day at a time.' Even if we don’t struggle with addiction to a substance or negative behavior, 'one day at a time' is not a bad motto for any person of faith. Jesus never promised us life would be easy. In fact, he said in this world we will have trouble. But right after that, he reminds us that he has overcome the world. So even though I still deal with anxiety, I put my trust in the One who has overcome the world, knowing that He is with me in every dark moment, through every high and every low."

On the heels of releasing his current single “Borrow (One Day at A Time)” to Christian radio earlier this year, Black River Christian music artist Josh Wilson has just released the new music video, “Borrow (One Day at A Time)—The Solo Experience.” The unique video was shot in Nashville at Sound Stage Studios, filming around him in 360° and showcasing Wilson’s musical talents on more than five different instruments.

Josh grew up in Lubbock, Texas. He has always loved music and started playing piano, drums, and guitar when he was nine and ten years old. In high school, he continued with his love for music which expanded into songwriting during his time at Nashville’s Belmont University. Through the years, he’s developed more talents for multiple other instruments, with the guitar as his mainstay performing and songwriting instrument. Signing his first record deal with Sparrow in 2006, after being noticed in a music competition while in college. Josh never looked back.

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