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“It Doesn’t Matter If You’re 20, 50 or 80, God is Able to Heal You.”

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Nancy Haun is 82 years old and lives in a house by herself. She’s constantly on the move meeting with friends, volunteering at her church, or working out in her yard, but when she started having pain in her stomach and chest, her daily routine went out the window.

“It was terrible, because I just couldn’t eat and I was losing my strength. I would try to eat small portions at a time, but when I did, it hurt,” says Nancy. “So, I went to the doctor. He gave me medicine, and that didn’t give me any relief. In the meantime, I’m really praying, ‘Lord, I know you can heal me because you’ve healed me many times in the past.’”

She continued to pray for healing and for answers to what was causing these issues. Her doctors struggled to find the answer, until an x-ray revealed the source of her pain: twisted intestines.

Nancy describes her reaction to this news, “So I just continued praying and having some family members and friends pray with me, and I finally started praying and saying, ‘Lord, whatever Your will is, whatever Your will is, You do it.’”

She now had a diagnosis but the medical treatments for twisted intestines are limited, so she continued to pray for God to intervene.

Nany recalls, “April the 29th, I was watching The 700 Club as I usually do, and I was praying with Gordon and Terry, when all of the sudden, Gordon says, 'There’s someone, I just hear the phrase, ‘twisted intestine,’ and it’s extraordinarily painful. God is healing you right now. He is able to untwist, unblock, and just take all that pain, all that discomfort away now, in Jesus’ name. And, I go, ‘Wow!' And then Terry Meeuwsen said, 'Your entire digestive system is healed in Jesus’ name.' And I go, ‘Whoa, oh Lord, I receive that, I receive that, thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus."

Nancy called her friend Judy who had been praying with her. “She got so excited and said, ‘Nancy, I saw that program. And I said, I claim that for Nancy. Praise God, praise God.' The next day, I was able to go out and work in the yard, and I actually had strength to do yardwork for several hours. And at dinner time, I actually ate a more normal meal, with no pain.”

With a humble heart, she loves sharing with others her testimony of God’s mercy and provision in her life. “I cannot be more thankful. I lay in bed just praising God, thanking Him and thanking Him. It’s not what I’ve done, or what I haven’t done, believe me, it’s only God’s love and grace, and how He suffered on the cross. He is amazing. I just want to encourage people, to keep on believing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20, 50, or 80, God is able to heal you,” says Nancy. 

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Robbie Dantzler

Robbie Dantzler is a Features Producer for The 700 Club. Before working at CBN, he worked as a video editor for The Daily Wire and as a Producer for the U.S. Air Force. He began following Christ at six years old, rededicated his life to the Lord as a teen, married the most beautiful woman in the world, and is blessed with four wonderful kids.