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Irish Duo Sings Modern Hymns for Christmas

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“We wanted to write hymns that help people worship the whole beauty of the God of the Bible,” says Keith Getty. “So we decided to start writing hymns that were deeper about the core truths of the Christian faith. The first one, of course, was, 'In Christ Alone.' That really just launched us on this journey.”

Grammy nominated artist Keith and Kristyn Getty have been writing modern day hymns for the church for over 20 years. Their beloved song 'In Christ Alone' has been sung worldwide by over 100 million people. This December they bring their hymns and favorite carols on a US tour in celebration of Christmas.  

“Some of the greatest hymns that the church has is – it's found in the carols. And so we thought it’d be wonderful to shine the light on that, put a band together and tour around Christmastime, primarily to encourage people to sing, and to sing carols at Christmas and to remember that rich heritage,” says Kristyn.

Keith describes the concert, “The first half is a Christmas party, in the Irish tradition, with songs and dance and laughter and fun. And the second half is a Christmas Carol service.” 

Since 2010 The Getty’s Christmas tour has performed in venues from Carnegie Hall to the Schermerhorn in Nashville, TN. - sharing the hope of God’s love for the world as found in the Christmas Story.

“Christmas can be a tricky time for so many of us. You know, it emphasizes feelings of loss, or frustration, or disappointment, or just cold weather and just pushing through to the spring," says Kristyn. "And so, to shine a light on the true message of Christmas and what it is, and to sing that in what we hope is such a warm and winsome way that really brings that sense of true joy that is always there, whatever circumstances we face. Actually, speaking into those circumstances and giving people hope through them. And music is such a powerful tool to do that. I always hope that from, you know, beginning to end the gospel story is presented as beautifully, and as fully, and richly as possible and that people take that home, they sing these songs as they go. And that those songs are on repeat in their minds and hearts over the Christmas season.”

Join the Getty’s as they celebrate the joy of Christmas.

“Growing up in Ireland, we were taught very much the importance of hospitality,” says Keith. “And so, when we have this event, we want people to come in and laugh, and enjoy and hear great music but then the second half, we want them – to take them on this journey where they rediscover the beauty of the Christmas story yet again. We pray that each person will leave refreshed and renewed in new ways.”

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