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One-Time Womanizer Finds True Love

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Jon remembers, “I just wanted my mom to look me in the eyes and say, ‘Son, I love you,’ at the end of the day and gimme kisses on my forehead, or on my cheeks but I never received that.” Jon Nicolas’s mother worked long hours raising five children alone. The stress took its toll and she took her anger out on her kids. When Jon was just seven years old, his mother beat him with her high heels. Jon shares, “And I blacked out. When I regained consciousness, there was blood all over my face and all over my hands.”

This went on for years. By the time Jon was fifteen, his mother kicked him out of the house. Jon says, “I did not have the source of love for me which was the woman who gave birth to me. So, I was always constantly searching for that love and where can I get it? Where can I find it? And I was determined to find it.”

He tried to find that through a string of women and started having sex with them at a young age. Jon remembers, “When that happened that opened all types of doors that led me down a wrong path. All I wanted to do was have more sex.”

Jon continued having sex throughout college and into his 20’s. He also began using marijuana and drinking alcohol. By the time he was 30, Jon had moved to Florida, had married and divorced, and was the father of three children with two different women. Jon recalls, “When I looked into the mirror, I saw nobody. It was just an empty soul. I couldn’t see a reflection of myself.”

Still, he continued to indulge in sex. Then at 33, his live-in girlfriend discovered he was cheating with yet-another woman and left him. For the first time, Jon was heartbroken. Jon says, “The conviction that I felt from how I cheated on her. That was the first time God accessed my heart. That was the first time I actually got anything from God in my heart, because I felt what the girl felt to be cheated on.”

Still devastated from the rejection, Jon went to listen to a motivational speaker. While the speaker challenged him to do more with his life, Jon heard something more. Jon recalls, “I hear God talk to me for the first time. And I hear God say, ‘You have greatness in you because of Me.’ And it made me good. It made me feel like okay, I got greatness, so I wanted to pursue what this greatness was.”

Jon pulled out a Bible and began studying it, learning what it said about greatness – and forgiveness. Jon says, “So, as I read through the New Testament, I learned of repentance. God started to convict me on things I did in my past. And, I also enjoyed when that people that I hurt would forgive me. And, it was that forgiveness. And the forgiveness sets you free.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Jon cried out in the name of Jesus. Jon reflects, “Jesus showed up in this room, in where I was, and it was a bright light, and I couldn’t move. And I heard a voice say, ‘Follow me.’ The voice said, 'follow me,' and I said, ‘yes.’ And I knew what I responding to, I knew that the voice that said follow me was Jesus Christ.”

Jon accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He started going to church and got baptized. Jon says, “And by doing this, my alcohol, and my marijuana addiction, and my sex addiction was completely stripped from me.”

Over time, he contacted the women he had hurt and asked for forgiveness. Then, it became his time to forgive…when he talked with his mother. Jon remembers, “And she acknowledged that what she did. And that was enough for me, but I forgave my mother. And when I did that, that was a release for me.”

He says soon God also answered a prayer to find a woman to share his life with. Her name is Alicia and they soon married, and today they love their blended family. Now, Jon ministers to men, teaching them that the love of God can heal any broken heart.

Jon shares, “God is a loving father, and He's a loving God, and He loves you greater than any love that you didn't receive. If you are out there and you realize you didn't have a loving mom and loving dad, there is a God that loves you to eternity and back, and He's right there available to love you right now if you'll be so willing to accept His love into your heart.”

In addition to ministering to men about the love and faithfulness of Christ, Jon is also a celebrated comedian. You can discover more about Jon Nicolas' clean comedy at: A sample of his act (a clean comedy set about Adam & Eve) can be found here:

And for inspiration on marriage reconciliation, please visit Jon's testimony here: (God Saved my marriage and He will save yours!).

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