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The Transforming Power of Love and Family

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Arusha, Tanzania

Festo was a troubled young man when he first arrived at “Tumaini Home,” a ministry supported in part by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Beatrice is his house mother.

Beatrice explained, “When I met Festo, he did not have very good manners, and he had difficulty with boundaries. Both of his parents are drug addicts and he was living with his aunt. There were a lot of mouths to feed in her house, so he often went to bed hungry and got up with nothing to eat. He told me that in those days he wanted to kill himself or run away to look for something to eat in the streets.”

A neighbor reported Festo’s aunt. Beatrice and her husband soon picked him up and took him home with them. Since then, Festo’s life has changed significantly. All of his needs are met, from food and clothing, to a nurturing environment that emphasizes love and family. 

Beatrice said, “My husband and I teach all the children here that this is their home, and that we are a family. All they need is love, someone to hug them, and tell them that God loves them, too. We have seen a big change in Festo. He is a natural leader and the best boy in our home. I love him, and I am very proud of him.”

Festo said, “I love my house parents. They teach me the word of God and we do devotions together. God is my provider and protector. I am thankful to God for giving me food, clothes, and good health. I love to play with my friends here. My friend, Enoch, is like a brother to me. He taught me how to ride a bicycle.”

Festo is one of 70 children that Orphan’s Promise supports through this ministry with school supplies, uniforms and food.

“I do my best to get good grades, I pray and ask God to help me do well in my studies, and I praise Him when I succeed,” said Festo.

Beatrice said, “Since we met Orphan’s Promise, things have been easy here. We are even able help other families who need food. Thank you so much to the donors for supporting us. All our children are in school, and they have what they need.” 

“Before I came here, life was hard. Now life is good,” said Festo. “Thank you for helping me. May God bless you.” 


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