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Linda Lyle

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Linda Lyle is a writer, knitter, and single mama to three crazy cats. When she is not running the office at a machine shop, she is working part-time at The Taming of the Ewe: A Yarn and Tea Boutique, or scribbling ideas on her blog, At the End of My Yarn

She has published articles on, a website for Alabama news, and in The Alabama Baptist, Open Windows, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and Day by Day: 40 Devotions for Writers and Creative Types.

She has written Elizabeth’s Choice (1998), The Plan (1999), and To Catch a Dead Man (Kindle, 2012). She has published “In the Heart of the Storm” in the City Dreams anthology (2001), “Hope Deferred” in the Dear Miss Lonely Heart anthology (2001), and “Saving Christmas” in Wyoming Christmas Heroes (2008). Visit her Amazon page,