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Susan M. Watkins

Susan M. Watkins is an award-winning multi-published author, sacred storyteller and scriptwriter; who formerly interviewed guests and wrote for CBN's worldwide The 700 Club television program produced at their international studios. Entering her initial writing competition at age eleven, Susan secured first place and ignited her passion as a surrendered scribe. She is best described as "a literary artist painting with the stroke of a pen" whose readers immerse themselves in her vibrant storytelling. Whether untangling the complexities of theological issues or offering an oasis of understanding and levity; her focus remains centered on those seeking a fresh perspective on life delivered through her literary gifts. Her published work appears in Angels All Around Us, God’s Comforting Ways, Miracles Do Happen, Heaven Sightings, Life-Changing Miracles, Gifts From Heaven, Jesus Talked to Me Today, Encountering Jesus, Relief Notes, We Will Survive, I Believe in Heaven, Life Lessons From Dads, America Remembered, Praying from the Heart, Heartfelt Inspirations and The One Year Life Verse Devotional. Additional credits include,,,,, and Susan has likewise penned several columns; one being voted “Best of the Best”, been featured in major newspapers, varied newsletter publications and written website content. As a five-time winner in diverse writing competitions, expanding avenues await her arrival. To sample additional publications, her work can also be found here: