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‘The World Is Hungry for the Gospel’: See Sean Feucht Lead Thousands in Worship at Times Square

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More than 5,000 believers descended on Times Square in New York City on Sunday to sing praise songs as part of worship leader and activist Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” movement.

Feucht began leading “Let Us Worship” rallies at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when government officials restricted public gatherings and worship services in cities around the country.

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Of the Sunday gathering, Feucht told Christian writer Caleb Parke, “If God can do it in Time Square NYC, He can do it anywhere.” He added, “The world is hungry for the Gospel. They are desperate for Jesus. We just need to be … unashamed to shine His light in the center of culture.”

One social media user, presumably at the outdoor worship service, tweeted, “I’m still trying to imagine the marvel of the angels as worship rose like incense to the throne room from Times Square NYC tonight.”


Several photos and videos from the event have been shared on Twitter:

The pro-abortion group, NYC for Abortion Rights, reportedly protested Feucht and the Christians gathered to worship in Times Square, even calling the “Let Us Worship” founder a “Christo-fascist.”


Feucht, for his part, recently spoke with CBN News about his forthcoming documentary, “Superspreader,” chronicling his “Let Us Worship” rallies around the country.

In response to those who claim the events he led sparked outbreaks of COVID-19, he told CBN’s “Prayer Link,” “Well, we know that that wasn’t true, because you know, there was no single outbreak of COVID related to any of our events, and that’s kind of a spoiler because, at the end, we share that.”

“I felt like it was important to share, to let people see the journey that we were on, the people that were for us, the people that were against us, but yet in the midst of it, God was breaking out in every single city that we went to,” Feucht said of why he chose to make the film, which debuts in theaters Thursday.

“We’re going to see this wave of revival that we experience across America is actually going to be in theaters,” the singer-songwriter added. “And wow, we’re going to try to plan to have an evangelist be in every single theater that it’s shown in. So that at the end of the film people can get saved, healed, delivered. That’s what we want to see happen.”

Watch his full interview on “Prayer Link” below:

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