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Will California Ban the Bible? Christians Say 'Not Without a Fight'

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Christians around the country are outraged at a California bill that threatens to restrict religious freedom and free speech regarding LGBTQ issues.

Assembly Bill 2943 prohibits the advertising or selling of "sexual orientation change efforts."

The bill declares books and conferences dealing with biblical views on homosexuality or transgenderism as fraudulent under the state's consumer fraud statute. Ultimately, it could penalize those who encourage and promote biblical views of marriage and sex.

The bill was approved by the state assembly last Thursday and now goes to the California Senate for a vote.

Now, Christians are rallying together to stop AB2943 before time runs out.

"There are churches that want to have everyone in their congregation making phone calls to their state senators. And there are also some people who want to have effective and persuasive news conferences. Nothing is official yet," Randy Thomasson, founder of told CBN News.

The law could face legal blowback too.


"Both Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel have spoken out on AB 2943 and are likely to mount federal lawsuits if and when it passes," Thomasson said. "Such a lawsuit could take three years to get to the US Supreme Court and its success would very likely depend on one or two unconstitutional, liberal judges retiring or dying. The high court's votes have to change, and we need at least four judges who vote to accept the case since the court has repeatedly turned down taking cases like this."

Meanwhile, many Christians are voicing their anger on social media.

"Ridiculous. Next they will ban books about conversion. An adult should make their own decision if they want that kind of therapy, not the state," one Facebook commenter said after seeing the story.

One person said this law is "another reason to leave CA."

Others are calling on believers to pray.

"Make this a matter of much prayer," one commenter said. "Unite and engage. Pray much."

Thomasson encourages Christians to continue making their voices heard.

" urges concerned Californians to publicize via their social networking and other efforts what the anti-religious freedom Democrat politicians are doing," he said.

"If people can meet and greet each other during service time, they can 'meet and greet' their state senator via voicemail and learn that serving Jesus Christ also means loving and protecting their neighbor's religious freedom."

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