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US Shoots Down 4 Mystery Objects in 8 Days: 'It's Very Disturbing'

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U.S. fighter jets shot down another unidentified flying object over the weekend, this one over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday.  This is the fourth flying object to be shot down in North American airspace in just eight days. 

The Pentagon says they're still trying to determine what exactly the objects are and what they're doing.  

Officials say the latest octagon-shaped device was unmanned and floating above sensitive sites at only about 20,000 feet.  The Pentagon says they aren't ruling anything out – not even UFO's.  

"We continue to assess every threat or potential threat unknown that approaches North America with an attempt to identify it," said Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of NORAD (The North American Aerospace Defense Command). 

Fighter jets also shot down objects over Alaska and Canada over the weekend. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, "it represented a reasonable threat to civilian aircraft. Canadian and American fighter jets were scrambled, and an American F-22 successfully shot down the object." 

The pilots who took out the flying object over Alaska on Friday described it as a type of small airship that interfered with their sensors before they shot it down. While the Pentagon says these objects do not appear to be related to the giant Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the South Carolina coast on February 4th, officials are still trying to determine if China is responsible. 

"So China's a problem. And this administration thus far hasn't set a very good example of standing up to China," said Rep. James Comer (R-KY). "I think that, you know, shooting the balloon down in the Atlantic once it flew over all the military bases, including my own Fort Campbell, Kentucky, it's very disturbing. I'm glad this administration's taking it more seriously with respect to the balloons." 

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) defended the administration's response to the first balloon telling ABC's "This Week" that U.S. officials have gathered significant intelligence from it after it was shot down over the Atlantic near Myrtle Beach. "But we have to know what they're doing, OK? And we don't know exactly, but we got a lot of that. And more importantly by shooting it down over water, U.S. waters, only six miles out from South Carolina, we're going to probably be able to piece together this whole surveillance balloon and know exactly what's going on," Schumer said.

For now, there are more questions than answers about what these mysterious flying objects are, what their purpose is and who's behind them – but U.S. officials say they'll stay on heightened alert until they know more. 

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