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'Twitter Files' Show Social Site Suspended 250K Accounts on Behalf of US Gov't

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Newly released internal Twitter documents confirm that U.S. government agencies used the social media giant to do its dirty work and suspend nearly 250,000 accounts on its behalf because they simply "didn't like them."

"US govt agency demanded suspension of 250K accounts, including journalists and Canadian officials!" Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tuesday evening. 

He was responding to journalist Matt Taibbi's 40-tweet thread titled "Twitter and the FBI 'Belly Button'."

It is the latest installment of the popularly named "The Twitter Files", which so far have confirmed that the site scrubbed information critical of Joe Biden and his son Hunter and shadow-banned conservatives who didn't violate any rules or policies.

In his thread, Taibbi explains that what began as an effort to curtail Russian disinformation transformed into a coordinated effort to target 250,000 accounts including journalists and Canadian officials. 

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"In the first week of May, 2020, at the peak of Covid-19 panic, Twitter senior legal executive Stacia Cardille received a communication from the Global Engagement Center (GEC), the would-be operational/analytical arm of the U.S. State Department. Founded in the Obama years under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the GEC was like the State Department's wannabe version of the NSA or the Defense Intelligence Agency," explained Taibbi on TK News.


The organization initially requested that 5,500 accounts be suspended for meeting criteria such as "describing the coronavirus as an engineered bioweapon,' 'blaming research conducted at the Wuhan institute,' and 'attributing the appearance of the virus to the CIA'."

Taibbi adds that Yoel Roth, Twitter's former head of Trust & Safety, saw GEC's move as an attempt to use intel from other agencies to "insert themselves into the content moderation club that included Twitter, Facebook, the FBI, DHS, and others."

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But, the U.S. government continued to pressure Twitter to the point that the social media site was "taking requests from every conceivable government body."


Documents indicate a top House Democrat - Intel Committee chief Rep. Adam Schiff - requested that Twitter suspend certain accounts, like journalist Paul Sperry.

In the end, the hunt for Russian influence on the platform displayed "no coordinated" efforts, but resulted in thousands of suspensions and millions of dollars spent.

"Twitter wasn't just paid. For the amount of work they did for government, they were underpaid," Taibbi's report concludes.

As CBN News has reported, Twitter's new owner Elon Musk has been steadily releasing internal documents from former Twitter executives for select reporters to analyze and reveal to the public.

In response to the latest revelation of government monitoring and manipulation of American lives, Musk tweeted this image, showing he believes we're living in dystopian times:

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