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'Their Primary Focus Is Not Women's Healthcare': What Planned Parenthood Just Revealed

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Planned Parenthood says it will no longer accept Title X funding so that it can continue to refer women for abortions. The abortion provider announced the news in the wake of a new Trump administration rule which says clinics that refer for abortions can't receive the funds.

It's clear that Planned Parenthood is rejecting the $60 million in Title X funds for one reason: So that it can continue to refer pregnant women for abortions.

Pro-life advocates are calling the funding cut a win, but they say the decision by the abortion provider exposes their true colors.
Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson said, "They don't really care if they don't receive Title 10 money because their primary focus is not women's healthcare. Their primary focus is abortion."

Conservative constitutional attorney Jenna Ellis said, "It shows that their narrative claiming that they mainly provide health care services is just simply false."

Planned Parenthood pulled out because of the new Trump administration rule bars taxpayer dollars to groups that counsel or refer people for abortion.

Pro-lifers say it's a promise kept by the Trump administration. "Especially going into the 2020 election, Christians can be very encouraged that President Trump is keeping his promises to defund Planned Parenthood," Ellis said.

Planned Parenthood is the country's largest abortion provider. Its interim CEO argued Monday that the loss of Title X funds would cause many low-income women who depend on Planned Parenthood services to delay or go without care.

But pro-life advocates note that Planned Parenthood will still receive a big chunk of federal funding via Medicaid. Last year, it received half a billion dollars.

Researchers say those Medicaid dollars encourage low-income women to get abortions.
Dr. Michael New of Catholic University said, "Essentially when the price of abortion goes down the incidence increases, and if low-income women can get abortion subsidized through Medicaid programs they're more likely to get abortions."

Pro-lifers also believe the loss of the $60 million in Title X funding will have minimal impact because that money can now go to medical providers that actually do provide women's healthcare.

And Heritage Foundation's Melanie Israel says Planned Parenthood reported close to a quarter billion dollars in excess revenue last year so it can afford to lose the funds anyway.

Many pro-life activists believe Planned Parenthood's decision to forgo Title X funding clearly prioritizes abortion over family planning.

The organization recently ousted its CEO, Dr. Leana Wen, who promoted comprehensive healthcare for women over straight-up abortion advocacy.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is also moving to cut abortion funding overseas.

CBN's David Brody exclusively reported Monday that the White House plans to drop family planning money in West Africa.

The administration says it has discovered that some West African countries are evading the US government's "Mexico City Policy" which requires non-governmental organizations to agree to not actively promote abortion.


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