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A Rising Leader in the Fight for Life: Who Is Catherine Glenn Foster?

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On Tuesday, Americans United for Life (AUL) announced that Catherine Glenn Foster will serve as the new President and CEO of the pro-life organization.

For the pro-life community, this is welcomed news. Foster has a strong history of championing rights of the unborn.

According to Jay Cunningham, AUL Board Chairman, Foster is a perfect fit. "Her work and her life story make her the right person to hold the profit-driven abortion industry accountable for the abusive treatment women have received there," said Cunnningham.

While in law school, she worked as an AUL Legal Fellow. Later, she worked at the Alliance Defending Freedom, and as Chairman over Rockville Pregnancy Center's board.

Foster's courtroom experience is immense as well.

She's argued and litigated a plethora of cases relating to the constitutionality of unborn rights, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

According to Cunningham, Foster is an "expert on life in the law at the state and federal levels."

"Whether arguing in a courtroom, testifying on Capitol Hill, or speaking to the national press, Catherine demonstrates a passionate focus," said AUL Acting President Clarke Forsyth.

Forsyth is considered an expert on Roe v. Wade. He and Foster will work together, developing ways to better combat legislation endangering the unborn and their rights.

"We will fight for people who are injured or disabled, to ensure that the people charged to care for and protect them follow through and do not push them into premature death," Foster said.
"We will defend the conscience rights of those who want no part in ending life."

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