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Meet the Man Proclaiming Jesus at the George Floyd Memorial Site Where a Supernatural Awakening Has Begun

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In the aftermath of the senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a move of God has been unfolding for days and is still ongoing. 

Christians and non-believers are coming together at the location of Floyd's memorial site where the Holy Spirit is healing bodies and hearts as salvations, baptisms, and worship are taking place in the streets. 

The area was once flooded with riots and chaos but has now seen an outpouring of God's power. The movement in Minneapolis was started by Dr. Charles and Pastor Lindsey Karuku with International Outreach Church in Minnesota.

They told CBN's "The Prayer Link" that they felt a call from God to be the catalyst and see interracial healing begin. 

"I was on a 40-day fast that ended the day after George Floyd was killed," Dr. Charles said. "When we started the fast, the Lord told us that, on the day of Pentecost, He would do a big thing. We did not know what it would be, so we kept praying and fasting. The day we ended the fast, the riots broke out."

"We knew on the day of Pentecost, we needed to be on that ground where George Floyd was killed and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and bring a message of unity," he added.

Pastor Lindsey described the atmosphere around the memorial site as one that has truly transformed from when they first arrived.

"Buildings were still burning, there was smoke and the National Guard had been called in," she explained. "But now there is a lot of peace in the area where George Floyd's memorial is. It's been declared as a sacred and holy ground, worship and salvation and true reconciliation between people of all different colors." 

And many who are coming to the memorial site have a newfound hope and purpose for their life.

"People are getting baptized during the revival services that are happening. They're giving their lives to Christ and want to take that step to be baptized," Pastor Lindsey said. 

Dr. Charles shared a video on Facebook of a man being baptized, declaring that he stepped out of the darkness and into the Light.

"People continue to be saved, baptized, healed, and delivered," Dr. Charles wrote. "Last night we had salvations, instant healing of 20-year back problem, 18 months of injury instantly healed, others were going through deliverance from oppression during the revival."

"We had one man who was in the military, deaf in one ear for 15 years. God instantly opened his deaf ear," Dr. Charles added. "We've had people coming and saying, 'I'm suicidal, can someone help me?' and we pray for them. They get delivered. We baptized them in water. We are getting people saved... giving their hearts to Christ and a lot of people hugging each other over interracial healing and reconciliation that is taking place there."

Dr. Charles and Pastor Lindsey Karuku have partnered with over 50 churches and ministries to serve those in need of salvation during this crisis.

"The significance of this moment plus the humanitarian crisis that is in the area is causing a lot of Christians to stand and move into this place and bring the light of Jesus Christ," he concluded.

You can hear more of this interview tonight on "The Prayer Link" at 6:30 Eastern on the CBN News Channel.

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