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Maine University Students Aim to Cancel Professor Who Says There Are Only Two Sexes

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Culture has crossed the rubicon when it becomes unacceptable to say there are two sexes, male and female. And yet, that’s an increasingly common sentiment.

The latest example of such uproar comes from the University of Southern Maine in Portland, where Dr. Christy Hammer, an associate professor of education, told her graduate-level students that there are only two biological sexes, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Hammer reportedly made the remarks Sept. 7 during a lecture for a course titled, “Creating a Positive Learning Environment,” part of the Extended Teacher Education Program.

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There was purportedly only one student who agreed with Hammer. The rest of the students staged a walkout protest Sept. 14 and demanded a “restorative justice meeting” with the head of the School of Education and Human Development in hopes of seeing the professor fired.

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One student, Elizabeth Leibiger, who identifies as “nonbinary,” said Hammer’s comments made her feel “under personal attack,” Fox News reported.

“I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments,” Leibiger said. “It’s the ultimate irony.”

After the requested meeting took place, the student who agreed with Hammer apologized for suggesting there are only two sexes. The professor, however, refused to capitulate to pressure.

How has the university responded?

So far, administrators at the University of Southern Maine have stood by Hammer.

Rather than dismiss the professor, the university announced it would create an alternative course for students who feel ill at ease in Hammer’s classroom due to the educator’s biologically factual belief that sex is comprised of only males and females.

“We have developed an alternative plan for this class and will be opening a new section of this course for those students who would like to move,” stated university spokeswoman Gina Marie Guadagnino. “The original section taught by professor Hammer will continue for any student who wishes to remain in that class.”

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