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'It Is Incredible': Filmmaker Alex Kendrick Visits Lee Univ. Revival, Awakening Spreads to Multiple Campuses

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The Asbury University Awakening is being moved off campus this week, but that news comes as the fires of revival are continuing to spread to multiple new locations around the U.S.

Christian filmmaker Alex Kendrick visited one of those spots. On Monday, he was at Lee University a private Christian college in Cleveland, Tennessee. In a video posted to social media, Kendrick, standing outside of the school's chapel, said: "There's no show here. There is no spectacle other than seeing hearts transformed."

"Revival is still going on. That chapel behind me is still filled," he said. "It's been almost two weeks now, and I think that is amazing. My family and I have come up here for a couple of days and just joined in on what God's doing. It is incredible!"

"When there is peace and unity and it's very organic. There's no show here. There is no spectacle other than seeing hearts transformed. Praise the Lord!" the filmmaker said. "And so I'm very, very grateful. So what's going on at Asbury, Lee University, Samford University, Cedarville in Ohio, there's a number of colleges that are now seeking the Lord."

"And praise God for this generation that is seeking after God," Kendrick added. "Oh, it's just good!  Man, it fills my heart! So, praise the Lord, and let's pray that the Lord keeps moving as he wills."

As CBN News reported, Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz noted on Twitter on Feb. 10, "What's happening at Asbury is not and will not remain confined. It will, and already is awakening the deep wells of revival on campuses across the nation. They have been churning, pressing against the seals that have kept them hidden, and they are about to burst with new life."

slider img 2On Saturday, Greg Gordon, the founder of, tweeted a video of Lee students worshipping in the campus chapel. 

"Lee University has been meeting now for 4 days straight," Gordon wrote.  (Feb 16th) "Just absolutely overwhelming Holy Spirit Power in the Stone Chapel at Lee University at this moment. - David Chong."

***WATCH: Live from Asbury University, National Collegiate Day of Prayer Revival Livestream Event. Thursday, February 23, 8:00-10:00 pm ET on CBN News YouTube, the CBN News App and CBN Family App. ***

Meanwhile, the revival at Samford University, a private Christian school located on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama, is still going strong. 

On Monday, Greg Gordon posted a video to Twitter showing Samford students worshipping in the university's Reid Chapel. 

"Students have been gathering for over 4 days now without stopping at Samford University in Reid Chapel. 'How Great You Are'. Jesus is worthy of our all," he wrote.

On Friday, the university tweeted four video clips of students worshipping. 

"In last 48 hours, what started as a few students gathering in Reid Chapel to worship grew into a multitude of our community congregated, experiencing an outpouring of prayer, testimony, hope, and love," the school's official account noted. 

As CBN News reported, in an email to the Samford student body on Friday, university President Beck A. Taylor, Ph.D., said he can "testify the Holy Spirit is at work in and among our student body."

"Having spent some time yesterday with those worshipping in Reid Chapel, I can testify that the Holy Spirit is at work in and among our student body," Taylor said. "What's happening isn't contrived, programmed, or scripted. Nor is it performative or disingenuous. Students and others see it as an opportunity for the Samford campus to find unity in Christ, to encourage one another to faithfulness, and to extend the love and grace of Jesus to everyone."

New reports are also surfacing of the revival fire spreading to additional locations like Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

The movement coincides with OBU's annual FOCUS Week which will run from Feb. 20-23. In a post on the school's website, Dr. Matthew Kearns, director of OBU's student ministry said, "Ultimately, our desire is to provide opportunities for our student body, faculty, and staff to focus their attention on Jesus and be encouraged to grow in their relationship with Him. What began as a conversation about a series of chapel gatherings, has become what I pray will be a spark for transforming lives and communities with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ."

The school's website explained Focus Week at OBU has been a time set aside to encourage spiritual renewal and revival on campus.

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OBU also posted a video to Twitter about FOCUS week at the school, writing, "We believe God is changing hearts in our nation and we believe he can do it here too!"

And students at other locations are asking God to send revival there too, like Baylor University, Southwestern Seminary and Texas Baptist University. 

Byron Paulus, the founder of the ministry oneCry, tweeted, "Baylor campus last night. Growing intensity and urgency in prayer and worship will lead to accelerating movement of revival. A powerful 'How to Pray' document circulating on campus. Never in my 47 years of revival ministry have I seen this widespread of movement."

Matt Queen, a professor of evangelism at Southwestern Seminary, posted a photo to social media of students praying together and asked for prayers for students at the seminary at Texas Baptist College. 

"Please be praying for @SWBTS@TXBaptCollege students who have just now come together and are pleading that God spiritually revives our campus. Lord, do it again!" Queen wrote. 

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