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'Hope California' to Reach 10 Cities with Revival: 'Blitz the Streets with the Love of Jesus'

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As revival spreads across the country, now a major outreach movement is underway for California with 10 stadium events planned across the region on April 1st and Palm Sunday.  

It's called "Hope California" and the mission is to bring "the Golden State" back to God. 

"Hope California" was birthed out a statewide 40-Day Fast organized by Lou Engle and Mando Matthews. God gave Matthews a vision for the 10 cities. Now he says, "We are going after the Harvest."

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It's a big vision that covers 7 cities in California and 3 in the Baja region – expecting to bring in thousands who want to give their lives to Jesus.

"That's the goal. We've been networking across the state in all ten regions, and churches are coming together. And so we have set seven of the venues are stadiums, and three are actually iconic venues like the capitol steps in Sacramento, a pier in San Francisco, and a big festival venue park in Santa Barbara. And then the rest are all at stadiums where it will happen simultaneously on April the first and second, Palm Sunday weekend," Matthews explains.

He has so much hope for California because God gave him a literal dream for the state.  

"In the vision, I saw the sun rising over the coast of California," he says. "The sun usually sets on the West Coast, by the way, but in this vision, it was rising on the West Coast. And that just told me that I believe God wants to do something on the West Coast."
"And so the first part of that vision was the sun rising. The second part I saw 10 stadiums simultaneously filled with Luke 4:18 gatherings. Luke 4:18 says, 'The Spirit of the Lord is on me to anoint me to preach the Gospel to the poor, to open the eyes of the blind, to set the captives free, to heal up and bind up the brokenhearted and to heal the oppressed.'" 

"And so we're believing actually and really going for it in that what would happen if all of California was, say, healed, delivered, set free? And so that's what we're doing in each of these regions, each of these stadiums we're believing for the release of Luke 4:18 which is the mission of Jesus," Matthews says.

To ramp up for the stadium events, they're calling 10,000 believers to California for "love week" beginning Friday, March 24th, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and prepare the ground, so to speak, for Hope Fest. 

"A thousand people in each region to blitz the streets of California with the love of Jesus. We'll have outreaches in every single city. And so people can go to our web site, to sign up and come and join us," Matthews says. 

With all the talk recently about the Asbury Awakening and "The Jesus Revolution" movie, based on the Jesus revival of the 70s that partly started in California, hope is rising for another revival like that.

"Absolutely. That's what we're praying for," Matthews said. "I already feel like the sun is already starting to rise and I feel like things are already beginning to take place. God is already starting to move, but it's time to lengthen our cords and really go for the harvest like never before. This vision that the Lord gave me is almost like seeing an entire state saved in a day."
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