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Hollywood Star Organizes Showing of IDF Footage of Deadly Hamas Attacks on Israelis

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“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot — an Israeli national — is using her influence in Tinseltown to organize a screening of IDF footage of Hamas atrocities for a curated group of Hollywood elites.

The screening, put together by Gadot and Oscar-winning Israeli director Guy Nattiv, will reportedly show 47 minutes of footage captured by the Israeli Defense Forces. The footage will include the horrors carried out against Israel by Hamas, the terrorist organization governing the Gaza Strip.

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”:

“Gal Gadot and her husband, Yaron Varsano, helped make this possible,” Nattiv told i24 News.

As for his motivation for the screening, the director told the outlet he is committed to ensuring there is no worldwide indifference to the suffering of Jewish people, as there was during the Holocaust.

“As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of Oct. 7 would not be forgotten, and the world would see them,” he said. “Because now the denial begins — ‘It is a fake.’ It is not a fake. … We cannot pass by in silence.”

He continued, explaining why he wants to show the IDF footage in Hollywood, “[These are] people who have film experience, so we can show them this crazy document that is reminiscent of the films created about the Holocaust.”

Gadot, for her part, has been unabashed in her defense of Israel, using her social media to broadcast her support for the Holy Land.

“I stand with Israel,” she wrote at the start of Hamas’ invasion of the Jewish state. “You should, too. The world cannot sit on the fence when these horrific acts of terror are happening!”

In the weeks since, the 38-year-old celebrity has used her Instagram feed to raise awareness about the Jewish hostages kidnapped by terrorists and held in Gaza.

Details about the guest list for the closed-door screening have not been released. However, i24 News reported the initial screening will boast a 120-person roster, with the possibility of future screenings in the weeks to follow, depending upon the interest generated by the first showcase.

CBN News’ George Thomas recently spoke about his experience near Tel Aviv, where he and some two dozen other international journalists sat through a similar screening of IDF footage of Hamas’ deadly violence against Israelis.

The video, he said, showed “body cam footage from first responders as well as eye-witness videos from the various scenes across the region during the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre.”

“[It showed] video of men, women, and children being burned alive,” Thomas said. “Homes set ablaze. Men and women hacked to death. Children shot at point-blank. Men and women, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters shot at point-blank range. People dragged out of their cars and shot.”

You can watch Thomas’ full reflection on the IDF footage in the video embedded above.

Please continue to monitor CBN News for continued coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and pray for all those impacted by the ongoing violence unfolding in the region.

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