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Florida City Leaders Walk Out on Atheist 'Prayer'


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A group of Florida city leaders walked out of a meeting in opposition to a controversial prayer, Tuesday.

Mayor Pam Triolo and three city commissioners left the Lake Worth City commission meeting before atheist Preston Smith began his prayer.

Smith opened his prayer by addressing Mother Earth and then "the righteousness of Allah with the all-knowing wisdom of Satan."

He went on to invoke Zeus, Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, and Thor.

In response to critics, the mayor said she didn't leave because Smith is an atheist; she left because of an alleged tweet.

Triolo accuses Smith of tweeting an offensive interpretation of scripture several months ago. She expected his prayer would be equally offensive.

"Free speech works both ways," she said. "You can say what you want and I can choose to leave."

After the video went public, a Satanist sent a letter to the same city council requesting permission to give a satanic prayer.

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