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'Deterioration of the Education System': With CRT, LGBTQ, 'Woke' Worries, New Christian School Could Transform the Landscape


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Christian parents beleaguered by the public school system and looking for alternatives have an innovative, new option: Covenant Journey Academy.

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The new K-12 school, available entirely online, is unlike most other education options. It serves as a full-service school, a supplemental homeschool curriculum, or a baseline for a multi-grade physical church or private school.

Mat Staver, chairman of Christian organization Liberty Counsel and founder and chancellor of Covenant Journey Academy, told CBN’s Faithwire plans for Covenant Journey Academy have been underway for years, with the school recently making its official debut.

It comes at a time when concerns over indoctrination in education, among other issues, have fueled interest in alternative educational opportunities; the chaos brought on by COVID-19 has only exacerbated these issues.

“One of the things that we’ve seen is a deterioration of the education system beginning in kindergarten, and, obviously, [with] our work at Liberty Council, we’ve seen the indoctrination of the wokeness,” Staver said. “The critical race theory, the LGBTQ indoctrination agenda that’s being pushed on the young people.”

Watch Staver explain his concerns and why he believes Covenant Journey Academy is a viable solution:

The attorney discussed the importance of thinking through every subject matter and how it should be taught from a Christian worldview.

Unfortunately, he said this isn’t always the approach, even at schools purporting to hold a biblical perspective. Staver said he found “a lot of Christian schools, whether they’re at the graduate level or K through 12 and may be Christian in name … they’re not thinking biblically [for] each one of these courses [in] how to integrate them.”

Covenant Journey Academy, which launched with 150 courses taught by Christian-certified teachers trained in biblical worldview, hopes to change these dynamics and better prepare students by presenting content through a faith lens.

Staver said one of the most versatile parts of the Covenant Journey Academy is the fact “any student, any family, anywhere in the world can be part of this.” And for private schools looking to launch but without infrastructure, the institution provides the curriculum and services needed for students to thrive.

The attorney and Covenant Journey Academy founder also dove into the ongoing debate about whether Christian parents should keep their kids in public schools — or flee. Staver places himself in the latter category.

“I think that parents should pull their children out of the public schools,” he said. “When you look at the history of what’s happened in our public schools, there has been an agenda for decades to secularize the schools and to take God out of the schools and remove any Judeo-Christian foundation.”

He continued, “They’re pushing critical race theory, they’re pushing the wokism, they’re pushing LGBTQ, they’re pushing anti-God, are dividing the kids from their parents.”

Staver also pushed back on those who see the public schools as a mission field for children said “our kids are not prepared for that kind of warfare.”

Regardless of those broader educational implications, he’s hoping to see a positive legacy unfold as a result of Covenant Journey Academy, with the school furnishing young people with a “Christian worldview foundation” while helping “raise courageous people of all levels.”

“We want to raise up a courageous generation,” Staver said. “To literally transform the culture.”

Find out more about Covenant Journey Academy here.

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