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Christian Judge Faces Ethics Charges for Marriage Views


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A county judge in Oregon may lose his job after refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

A state judicial fitness panel is recommending the removal of Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day for refusing to perform such ceremonies because of his religious beliefs.

The panel has accused Day of discrimination based on sexual orientation and ethical violations. The decision is now in the hands of the Oregon Supreme Court.

A spokeman for the judge, Patrick Korten, tells CBN News that ethics charges against Day are being trumped up merely because of his views on marriage.

*Click play to watch the full interview with Patrick Korten.

Korten says Oregon judges like Day are not actually required to perform marriages, but they are allowed to do so at their discrection.

"In the first place Oregon judges do not have to perform marriages. Many of them don't perform any marriages at all," Korten explained.

He pointed out Judge Day has not even been asked to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony, but he informed his staff to refer any such requests to other judges who are readily available to perform them if necessary.

"The issue never came up. No same-sex couple ever called. And no one was ever referred elsewhere because they didn't need to be. And yet the Judicial Fitness Commission decided to charge him with a violation of ethical standards," Korten said.

Korten says Judge Day has been forced to sell his home in order to pay for his expenses throughout his legal battle. You can find out how to help him here.

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