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'Burn, Little Jesus Freaks!' Horrific, Creepy, and Vile Death Threats Flood Pro-Life Group's Voicemail After Molotov Attack

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A pro-life organization in Wisconsin that sustained damage to its offices Sunday after attacks with fire and a Molotov cocktail is now receiving unconscionable and vile voice messages wishing death and suffering upon staff.

These messages are streaming in after news broke that the Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) sustained fire damage, with vandals leaving a cryptic message spraypainted outside the offices.

The threatening missive read, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t, either.”

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WFA Executive Vice President Micah Pearce told Not the Bee his fellow staff had received disturbing death threats and hateful messages after the suspected arson attack. These reactions — and the attack itself — came after a leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft verdict on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

With the draft text in this consequential abortion case signaling the court could overturn Roe v. Wade and nationalized abortion, the pro-choice furor is hitting a fever pitch.

Pearce offered a lens into the ferocious fuss and the disturbing messages his office is receiving, with Not the Bee publishing a mashup of some of the most alarming proclamations.

One woman left a message questioning whether the attack was caused by arson or “the good Lord” showing the organization “an example of hell.” She said she was glad God “took action” against the group.

Another man, also invoking hell, proclaimed that WFA staff would “burn.”

“You’re all going to burn … you’re following the f***ing devil,” he said. “I hope you all burn with it. That’s what you deserve.”

This “burn in hell” theme was an oddly consistent stream among critics, with yet another man leaving a menacing voicemail, during which he sang, “Burn, little Jesus freaks, burn, burn, burn!”

And it didn’t end there, with hate and expletives peppered throughout many of the messages and with menacing laughs and sadistic joy engulfing the seething responses.

“Whoever set that fire is a true American patriot. You people are just utter filth of the planet,” another man said. “And it’s too bad your whore mothers didn’t abort each and every last one of you. Hopefully, you all get cancer.”

You can listen to the rest of the messages here (caution: the language is disturbing).

A pro-choice group reportedly took responsibility for the suspected arson at WFA, with the Madison Police Department investigating the veracity of its claim. The group allegedly indicated other such attacks could unfold across the nation.

“The Madison Police Department is aware of a group claiming responsibility for the arson at Wisconsin Family Action,” reads a tweet from authorities. “We are working with our federal partners to determine the veracity of that claim.”

As Faithwire previously reported, pro-life activist Abby Johnson warned the battle over abortion will likely worsen, and if these messages are any indication, she might be on to something.

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