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Asbury Awakening Spreads to Lee University: 'A Mighty Move of God Started This Morning'

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The revival fires are continuing to burn brightly at Asbury University, even after 133 hours, and now this outpouring of the Holy Spirit is spreading to more college campuses.  

As CBN News reported, for days, people have been giving testimonies, reading scripture, worshipping God, and praying in the ongoing revival that began Feb. 8 at this historic Christian university located in Wilmore, Kentucky. Students, professors, and local church leaders have taken part.

Students from multiple colleges have now been drawn to the Asbury campus.  According to several reports, another chapel has been opened at Asbury as three auditoriums on the campus are now filled with people.  

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Thane Hutcherson Ury, a professor at the school, wrote in a Facebook post on Feb. 11, about how the revival at Asbury had caused alumni, pastors, seekers, and buses of students from other schools to come to the campus to seek God.  He listed 24 other universities where busloads of students have been coming from to visit the Asbury awakening. 

One of the schools Ury listed is Lee University, a private Christian college in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

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Last Friday, Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz noted on Twitter, "What's happening at Asbury is not and will not remain confined. It will, and already is awakening the deep wells of revival on campuses across the nation. They have been churning, pressing against the seals that have kept them hidden, and they are about to burst with new life."

On Monday, Fultz wrote the revival had reached the Lee campus, writing: "A mighty move of God started this morning at Lee and it has been building throughout the day. We are approaching the 10th hour, nothing but voices in prayer, worship, and repentance."

He also included a video taken of the worship in the campus's Stone Chapel. Students were coming to the chapel, crying out to God, praying, and repenting. 

Fultz continued to tweet updates, writing: "Update: 12 hours in, still growing, still worshipping, still repenting. Isaiah 64 - rend the heavens oh Lord and come down!!!"

A few hours later at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Lee's chapel was still full of students worshipping God. 

"1:30 am, salvation, deliverance and healing are here! Isaiah 40 - a voice calling in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord!" Fultz wrote. 

On Tuesday, one Twitter user wrote that the "REVIVAL IS DEFINITELY HERE!!!!

"REVIVAL IS DEFINITELY HERE!! Lee University is on. They started revival around 11am this morning and are still going as I type this!! I'm telling you....IT IS HERE!! Revival is spreading across U.S. Words can't express the excitement I feel right now. It's incredible!!," the user wrote. 

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