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'90 Minutes in Heaven' Has Power to 'Change Lives'


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Curiosity about the afterlife seems stronger than ever in books, television, and the movies. Hollywood has taken notice after films like "Heaven is for Real" brought in more than $100 million at the box office.

Now a similar film, "90 Minutes in Heaven," is poised to hit theaters. It tells the story of how Don Piper was miraculously brought back to life after a car accident in 1989.

Piper's experience first came to the public's attention in 2004 via his New York Times best-selling book of the same name. To date, it's sold over 7 million copies and has been translated in 46 different languages.

Twenty-six years after Piper's accident, this modern day Lazarus story is coming to life on the big screen through director Michael Polish and the Giving Films.

Actor Hayden Christensen, 34, plays Piper in the film.

"I hope people will leave this film feeling uplifted and feeling better about life as I did when I picked up the script for the first time," he shared.

The movie showcases the trials and triumphs of Piper's story from accident to recovery. But he says his wife Eva is the real hero of the story because she kept the family together.

Actress Kate Bosworth from "Superman Returns" portrays Eva. She said, "This is one of those stories that has possibility of changing peoples' lives."

The cast also includes singer Michael W. Smith and E! News' Jason Kennedy. Kennedy plays Piper's best friend David Gentiles.

"People need to know that there is more to life than what's happening right here," Kennedy told CBN News. "Someone who actually experienced that, but is still alive to talk about - it is compelling, profound and really special."

The film shows how the head-on collision changed Piper's life forever. His body mangled, emergency workers declared him dead shortly after getting to the accident scene.

As Dick Onerecker, a pastor, passed the wreckage, he felt led by God to stop and pray for Piper. As Onerecker called out to God inside the car, Piper suddenly started singing and came back to life.

A total of 90 minutes had elapsed. During that time, Piper says he visited Heaven.

"I saw colors I have never seen before," Piper told CBN News' Angela Zatopek. "The gate stands very large, much like the inside of a pearl, but the entrance is clearly for one."

"I heard music with many different songs playing at once and it was beautiful," he recalled. "The song that stood out the most was holy, holy, holy… because he is."

The film will be released nationwide Sept 11. It shows the power of prayer and the miracle that has touched hearts around the world.

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