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85-Year-Old Pro-Life Advocate Violently Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood Clinic

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An 85-year-old man was recently attacked during in a peaceful protest with pro-life advocacy group 40 Days For Life. 

Ron, a participant in 40 Days For Life campaigns for years, was outside of a Planned Parenthood Clinic in San Francisco when a young male attempted to steal the sign he was holding. 

The video shows Ron's attempt to stop the theft by putting the stick holding the banner into the spokes of the man's bicycle. The man immediately shoved Ron to ground and started violently kicking him. The video, which has gone viral, shows the man threatening Ron as well. 

"The vicious attack against our elderly client is intolerable," stated Allison Aranda, senior counsel for Life Legal Defense Foundation and a former Prosecutor of the Year. "We will pursue all legal avenues to see that justice is served and that the freedom to speak freely on the public sidewalk without threat of physical violence is protected no matter the message. As a former prosecutor, I trust that the San Francisco District Attorney's office will pursue all legal charges against the perpetrator and bring him to justice."

Two days prior, the same perpetrator shoved two advocates, including the same elderly man, to the ground and threw their sign, table and pro-life literature into the street. 

The attacks have been reported to local law enforcement, but it is not clear if a formal investigation has been established. According to the legal defense, Life Legal Defense Foundation, Planned Parenthood is not willing to give their security footage because they said Ron brought it on himself. The sentiment comes as attacks outside their clinics have increased over the last few years. 

"While the 800,000 volunteers who participate in our peaceful prayer vigils around the world sign a statement of peace and have always been law-abiding, violence from abortion supporters has increased," said 40 Days for Life President and CEO Shawn Carney.

"The gentleman who was attacked will not be deterred nor will other volunteers be deterred from peacefully being a voice for the unborn as many in America advocate for late-term abortion and infanticide," he added. "The pro-life movement uses science, medical alternatives, and compassion to change hearts on this crucial issue. Planned Parenthood supporters have resorted to intimidation, insults, and violence. They have a long history of not granting dignity to the unborn, that now apparently applies to 85-year-old volunteers as well."

Pro-life advocates have not seen any additional law enforcement presence since reporting the attacks. 

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