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White House Moves Ahead With Plans for US-North Korea Meeting

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WASHINGTON – All eyes are on North Korea and the Unites States as the world waits for what could be the first-ever meeting of the nations' leaders. 
In talks brokered by South Korea, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un agreed to meet with President Donald Trump. 
Trump quickly accepted the offer. 
"They're going to end or rather cease missile testing, cease nuclear testing and they've agreed to not object publicly to the upcoming South Korean-United States joint military exercises," Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah told ABC News on Sunday. 
Shah said there will be no more conditions imposed between now and May and that Trump's tough sanctions pushed North Korea to these talks. 
"Our policy is pressure, is pressure from our partners and allies around the world, pressure to the United Nations, pressure through China. These have had an impact," said Shah. "It's impacted Kim Jong Un's behavior. It's impacted his conduct." 
It's still unknown where the meeting will be held. 
Some critics say Trump acted impulsively by quickly agreeing to the meeting before negotiators from both countries could set some clear goals. 
Still, Trump appears optimistic. 
"They're not sending missiles up and I believe that. I believe that. I really do I think they want to do something," said Trump Saturday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. "I think they want to make peace. I think it's time and I think we've shown great strength."

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