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Palestinian Cousins Kill Four, Injure 16 in Tel Aviv Attack


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JERUSALEM, Israel – Palestinians are being indoctrinated with the lie that killing Jews is necessary for the redemption of humanity, an Israeli expert said following a brutal terrorist shooting in a trendy restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened his Security Cabinet Thursday in the Defense Ministry, ironically just down the street from Wednesday night's murder of four Jews. It's the latest incident in the now eight-month wave of terrorism.

"Paramedics treated around 10 casualties, among them at least one in critical condition," Magen David Adom paramedic Uri Shaham said. "We're still at the scene looking for casualties."

Netanyahu landed from his state visit to Russia soon after the shootings and toured the scene.

"This is a savage crime, murder, terrorism in the heart of Tel Aviv," Netanyahu said.

A security guard and a police officer each shot one of the two terrorists, who are cousins from an Arab village near Hebron. They slipped through the security net Israel established to guard against these kinds of attacks. Most potential attacks are thwarted.

While Israelis mourned the dead and cared for the wounded, some Palestinians celebrated.

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh tweeted, "Glory and salutations to the Hebronites." He included a victory sign emoji. Hamas said it was just the first surprise in store for Israelis during Ramadan.

Jerusalem Arabs applauded and cheered outside the Damascus Gate entrance to the Old City. Palestinians in the West Bank passed out candy to celebrate the attack.

Itamar Marcus, director of the Palestinian Media Watch said the attacks are glorified not just by Hamas but also by Fatah, the political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

"So why are they giving out candies in the street? Because when a population is told that this is what their god wants of them, this is going to bring about the redemption of humanity, killing the Jews is a condition for the redemption of humanity, so of course then it's a celebration every time an Israeli is killed," Marcus told CBN News.

"During this entire terror wave, which began in October of 2015, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, the ruling party of Mahmoud Abbas, have given absolute support to the terrorists," he continued. "The terrorists who murdered four Israelis yesterday, who were captured by Israel and are now going to go to jail from this day onward they will now be receiving salaries, monthly salaries from the Palestinian Authority."

"How can the Palestinian Authority expect the world to believe that they are fighting terror – that they are against terror?" he asked.

Marcus believes unless the indoctrination stops, murders like the ones in Tel Aviv's Sarona Market, will continue.

Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, deplored the June 8 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, reaffirming again CBN's longstanding position in support of the state of Israel.

"All of us at The Christian Broadcasting Network mourn the deaths of innocent Israelis who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv yesterday. This latest terrorist attack is a direct result of incitement within the Palestinian community in the West Bank and points to the encouragement of violent anti-semitism by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement," Robertson said.

"We at CBN, and many others in the Christian community around the world, strongly condemn these acts of violence and stand with Israel," he continued. "Every act of aggression against the Jewish people will only fortify our resolve to support their right to have a Jewish State in the land of their forefathers.”

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