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Muslims Torch Christian Village Over Church Rumors


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A mob of Muslims launched a violent attack on a Christian village in Egypt after rumors of an attempt to build a new church. 

The village is home to more than 2,000 Coptic Christians, yet the closest church is miles away. 

According to International Christian Concern (ICC), the residents were in the process of building a four-story building to be used as a community center, daycare, and nursing home. However, the building process was interrupted when local Muslims heard rumors that the building would be used as a house of worship.

A group of radical Muslims responded to the rumors by attacking the Christians living there. 

 "On Friday at noon, November 25, following the Muslim prayers, a great deal of fanatic Muslim young men, some of them were carrying gas canisters and rocks while others came armed with automatic rifles, clubs, machetes and knives, they attacked Copts and Coptic-owned houses," one resident told ICC. 

"The attackers cut off the road so that the fire trucks could not enter the village; they also cut off the water and power supply to the village," he added. 

The attackers destroyed several Christian homes and businesses and injured four people. 

This is not the first time Egyptian Muslims have attacked Christians.

Earlier a similar attack was launched following rumors that a kindergarten in a Christian village would be turned into a church.

Christians often face violence in this majority Muslim country.



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