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Giuliani: US-Israel Relationship 'Back to Normal'

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JERUSALEM, Israel – One of President Trump's closest advisors, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, came to Israel recently to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following their meeting, CBN News sat down with Giuliani to discuss the new U.S.-Israel relationship.

Giuliani serves as the global chair of cybersecurity, privacy and crisis management at the Tel Aviv office of Greenberg Traurig, the only international law firm with an office in Israel.      

"Well Mayor Giuliani, thanks for joining us on CBN News," Middle East Bureau Chief began.

"Thank you guys for having me," the former mayor responded.

"You met earlier today with the prime minister and you gave [him] a message, I believe, from President Trump," Mitchell said.

Giuliani responded, "Well, it's a message of friendship…And I just wanted to assure him that, from my point of view, the relationship with the United States and Israel has now gone back to normal.

"I thought the last eight years was abnormal," he continued. "We had an American president that didn't support Israel in the way that I was used to [a] Republican and Democratic president supporting Israel – and that he would now have a president that he could get along with, that shared essentially the same views on the world."

The former mayor then noted the "stark difference" in the responses between the two administrations to a recent Israeli announcement.
"[It was] just like you had it noticed – that stark difference with extra homes being built in the settlements – 2,500 extra homes – some couple of days ago. The reaction of the Obama administration, either from Hilary Clinton or John Kerry or Barack Obama – the condemnation of Israel, and instead the Trump administration's response was no comment," Giuliani said.

"Do you see that as a harbinger for new relationship with the Trump administration and Israel?" Mitchell asked.

"I see it. I can see the two stages, and this is what I told…the prime minister and other government officials," Giuliani explained.

"First, let's begin with the fact that we're back to our normal relationship, which is friendship. Second, I think it's going to be better than that because I think President Trump has a very high regard for Israel," he continued.

"I think he sees Israel as a critical part of his effort to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. I think he sees Israel as a resource – not just an ally, but a resource – and I know he's surrounded by a group of advisors who have similar views, so I think we can make the friendship even stronger than it was," Giuliani said.

"We certainly aren't back to where we used to be. I remember telling…Prime Minister Netanyahu some years ago, 'It must be very uncomfortable being the prime minister of Israel and not know[ing] whether the American president has your back.' Of course he didn't respond because he's too diplomatic to respond. Well, the American president now has his back and vice versa."

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In a time where the world's attention is riveted on events in the Middle East, CBN viewers have come to appreciate Chris Mitchell's timely reports from this explosive region of the world. Chris brings a Biblical and prophetic perspective to these daily news events that shape our world. He first began reporting on the Middle East in the mid-1990s. Chris repeatedly traveled there to report on the religious and political issues facing Israel and the surrounding Arab states. One of his more significant reports focused on the emigration of persecuted Christians from the Middle East. In the past