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The BDS Movement's Threat to Israel

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Twenty years ago, the modern BDS movement began.  BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.  To find out more about this movement and why it poses a threat to the state of Israel, we interviewed Arsen Ostrovsky in our Jerusalem studio.  Ostrovsky is the CEO of The International Legal Forum, an organization that describes itself as a “proactive legal hub, centralizing efforts of lawyers, organizations and activists worldwide, in the fight to promote justice, peace and equality in Israel and the Middle East.” 

Ostrovsky explains the genesis of the BDS movement, what they stand for and why it poses a significant danger to the future of the Jewish State.  He also explains why this movement sees college campuses throughout the U.S. as a battleground to influence the future leaders of America.    

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Chris Mitchell

In a time where the world's attention is riveted on events in the Middle East, CBN viewers have come to appreciate Chris Mitchell's timely reports from this explosive region of the world. Chris brings a Biblical and prophetic perspective to these daily news events that shape our world. He first began reporting on the Middle East in the mid-1990s. Chris repeatedly traveled there to report on the religious and political issues facing Israel and the surrounding Arab states. One of his more significant reports focused on the emigration of persecuted Christians from the Middle East. In the past