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'Jesus Is Moving': Heidi Baker and Iris Global Share Christ Amid Campaign of Terror in 'NIFENTO', Released Friday

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A new documentary sheds light on Iris Global Ministries and its efforts to share the love of Jesus Christ in Mozambique, even as a "campaign of terror" has displaced millions. The film about it, NIFENTO, will be officially released online Friday, Nov. 11. 

The movie will be released online for people around the world to watch for free at the website

The documentary follows Heidi Baker, her husband, Rolland, and the ministry's CEO Will Hart, as they "fight to see love win against all odds in the midst of terrorism, chaos, and torture of the innocent." 

"Many of our friends have lost their homes. They've been burned down," Baker said. "Others have lost their lives, but we are empowered by love and because we are empowered by love, we continue to go. We are going to continue to go. Low and slow. You can't stop us because love wins."

Filmed by two missionaries, James and Jessica Brewer, NIFENTO is a film that showcases the grim reality of war and terrorism in northern Mozambique. It features stories from families who are experiencing it firsthand and the response of Iris Global which is working hand in hand with the local church, according to the film's website. 

"NIFENTO demonstrates how Jesus is moving in the midst of darkness and war in northern Mozambique and how we, the church, can shine and be Jesus' hands and feet during such times of evil and great need," James Brewer, the film's co-director/cinematographer, said in an email to CBN News. 

"We felt passionate about making this film a free resource to give a voice to the voiceless in Mozambique," Brewer continued. "To educate the western church on our brothers and sisters' persecution for their faith and empower us to rise up and do something as a body of believers."

As CBN News has reported, Islamic insurgents began to violently overtake the northern province of Mozambique roughly five years ago.

Since 2018, more than 800,000 people have fled their homes with "stories of unspeakable evil made manifest."

"I can say that with this war, I have suffered a lot," one woman, Elisa, told Iris Global. "I lost my father and I lost my husband. I also lost my sister."

Through tears, she explained how her husband, who was a pastor, and her father were killed by Islamic extremists. Elisa and her family of 18 fled their home. 

"My husband's uncle was also beheaded," she said. "We buried his body, but still have not found his head."

Despite the threat of terrorism, cyclones, floods, famines, and extreme poverty, Baker said she and Rolland stayed to minister to the lost.

"They are the most extraordinary people I have ever seen in terms of courage and generosity," Heidi Baker told CBN. "One of our pastors even had a 4.5-year-old child of his beheaded. Another one lost their home, six churches burned to the ground."

"Instead of being overwhelmed by a world filled with so much pain where extremists come and war happens, instead of being overwhelmed by that, we're empowered by the love of a God, who is love, to stop for the one in need," she shared. 

As CBN News previously reported, Baker and her husband have been missionaries since they were married in a small charismatic church in Southern California.

They spent 12 years in Asia and saw thousands come to Jesus. In 1995, the Bakers moved their family to Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world. The government offered them a horribly dilapidated and neglected "orphanage." They started caring for 80 children and watched God pour out his love and provide food day after day. 

Today, their ministry Iris Global has networks of churches and church-based orphan care in all ten provinces in Mozambique.

The ministry also has 65 locations in 34 nations. 

Watch the trailer for NIFENTO below and watch the documentary for free when it's released online on Nov. 11. 

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