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'Bibles Are Illegal': Inside 'Secret Bible-Publishing Warehouse' Where Believers Risk Their Lives to Smuggle Scripture Into Mideast

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Some brave Christians in the Middle East have been secretly printing Bibles and, in the process, risking their lives to help ensure Scriptures get into some of the most restrictive locations.

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Persecution watchdog Global Christian Relief recently visited two printing presses and spoke with one of the bold believers who works diligently to spread the Gospel.

“I have been arrested three times, and they tried to kill me five times,” the printer told Brian Orme, chief communications officer at Global Christian Relief. “Once they did really bad things to my children to try to make me deny my faith.”

The brave man went on to say he and others who are still alive and spreading the Gospel owe it to the “prayers of believers” and to “Christ’s protection.”

Watch the courageous Bible printer share his story:

And, despite the danger, he stressed the importance of printing more Bibles. He even shared the story of a man deeply moved after receiving one of the books.

“When he took the Bible from me, he said that this is the most important book on Earth,” he explained. “Because of this, I will never give up.”

Orme explained in the video how these printers are undeterred as they churn out copies of the Scriptures in their “secret Bible-publishing warehouse.”

Orme, who showed a stack of 25,000 copies of the New Testament, said the name of the country, faces of those involved, and even the covers of the Bibles couldn’t be shown on camera due to security concerns.

Once fully completed and bound, he said these Bibles will be smuggled into Iran to “help strengthen [recipients] and the church.”

Orme also took viewers into a second facility where children’s Bibles are published — books that also greatly endanger the lives of those printing them.

“These Bibles are illegal,” he said. “They’re going to be smuggled into dangerous places, so please pray for those who are taking these Bibles to help strengthen the church.”

Visit Global Christian Relief for more on projects like this one.

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