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"The Superbook animated series is the most successful evangelistic tool CBN has created in its more than 60 years of ministry."
– Gordon Robertson, CEO Christian Broadcasting Network

Join Superbook's Mission to Bring the Bible to Life for Children of All Ages

Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation to introduce children to Jesus and help develop their faith. 

Already, we’ve made these powerful episodes available in 65 languages and dialects with more on the way. A projected 435 million viewers in 139 countries and territories watched at least one episode of Superbook and 296 million recalled having sung The Salvation Poem in 2022.*

Our mission continues as millions of children are waiting to hear the Gospel for the first time and we can’t reach them without your support today.

Your gift of $25 a month or more can...

  • Increase our ability to put life-changing content in front of children and families
  • Disciple children around the world by investing in the translation of Superbook Academy, our discipleship curriculum 
  • Translate Superbook episodes, Superbook Kids Bible App, and Superbook Website into new languages and improve the app and website experience 
  • Produce exciting content like new animated series
  • Provide free streaming of Superbook episodes around the world

Join us and share the Gospel with your family and the world!

Superbook Partner Benefits

*Brown, Fraser & Associates, a research company founded by Regent University professor Dr. William Brown and by Dr. Benson Fraser, completed a survey for CBN in 2022. To prepare the survey, Brown and Fraser completed 17,275 digital surveys in 102 cities or regions of 10 countries. Brown and Fraser applied the results from these and prior years’ surveys to project audience sizes of CBN programming.