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Leaving a Legacy: Your Role as a Mother

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Today on Mother’s Day, we celebrate women and the unique way God has called them to serve. Whether you’re a biological mother, stepmom, godmother, or spiritual mother figure in someone’s life, you are significantly impacting the Kingdom of God and the lives of those around you. What a privilege it is to serve in this role! 

Be encouraged to keep moving toward Jesus and serving Him as He leads you as a mom. The position you’re in can only be filled by you. God has handpicked you to be in your specific motherly role and situation.

The legacy that you’re leaving will impact generations to come. So, no matter where you are in your faith today or your circumstances, through Jesus, you can make a difference (Philippians 4:13). Prayerfully ask Him to guide you and lead you. Ask God to help you put Him above everything (including your kids) and to help you give your kids over to Him—acknowledging that they are His and He loves them even more than you do!

The God of the universe sees you, and He loves you! He will equip you when you feel you don’t have what it takes. He will give you strength in your weakness (Isaiah 41:10). He will guide your path, so keep your eyes fixed on Him (Hebrews 12:2)!

So, women, today on Mother’s Day and every day, be encouraged that Jesus defines who you are and has placed you in your specific role as a mother, grandmother, stepmom, godmother, sister, aunt, or friend. Remember that God has placed you in your situation at this exact time for His purpose (see Esther 4:14).

Father, thank you for calling these women to serve in such a tremendous motherly role. Thank you for how you’ve designed, encouraged, and strengthened them to nurture and lead their families. Please help these moms to know their worth and identity is in You and encourage them to leave a lasting legacy as they share Jesus with their families and community. Father, give them strength, wisdom, and discernment to serve You and their families. Let them feel Your warm embrace and constant peaceful presence. Thank You for these moms, not just today on Mother’s Day but every day! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

We know today can be challenging for women for different reasons, so below is a special prayer for those grieving today.

Father, I humbly ask You to draw near to those grieving today. Whatever brings them to this place of sorrow, please bring them comfort and peace. Let them feel Your love and support. Please heal their heart in the way that only You can. Let them know they aren’t alone; this situation doesn’t define them. Please remind them of how much You love them. In Your Son’s name. Amen.

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