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Donna Riner Weber

Five events caused Donna’s life to change:

  • Experiencing Daily Pain and Chronic illness from three lung diseases
  • Retiring early due to Disability
  • Experiencing the Pleasure and Love of becoming a Grandmother
  • Growing Older
  • Feeling God’s Call to share Stories of His Presence in her Life

All these circumstances made Donna look at life in a different way. God impressed upon her heart that she should write stories about His Presence in her life and those of her family.

On days when she feels better, Donna focuses her life on writing, reading, traveling with her husband, and taking photos of loved ones—especially her grandchildren. Brian and Donna are doting long-distance grandparents, who are excited when their grandchildren facetime them.

Donna’s mission is to encourage and teach Christian grandmothers to leave their message of Faith for their family today and for those who will follow them in the future.

Are you ready to be inspired to leave your message of Faith before it’s too late? One way you can do this is through a Faithbook. Check out Donna’s e-book Scrapbook Your Christian Faith—the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy. You can get this through Amazon Kindle.  

Donna would like for you to savor your memories and write your stories. The Bible says:

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. (NLT)