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The Endless Pursuit

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True Love. For some, these two words kindle images of long-stemmed roses and candle-lit dinners. For others, the very thought of Happily Ever After brings on a headlong tailspin of depression that includes two men by the name of Ben and Jerry. Over the years, I have found myself in both places. But lately, I have been reminded of the most lavish display of love mankind has ever known.

Last year a friend of mine, Bonnie, and her husband began the process of adopting two beautiful children from Ethiopia. After facing one complicated hurdle after another, Bonnie knew the Lord was urging her to go to Ethiopia and remain there until she could finalize the adoption. Regardless of the time it might take, she was going to bring her son and daughter home. At the blessing of her husband, she quit her job, packed her bags, and bought a plane ticket. Though they both assumed she would be home in less than a month, she remained in a foreign land for almost four.

Bonnie's walk down this tear-stained path to claim her children has been a vivid and very real reminder of the deep, passionate love God has for me. This fight, this battle, this crusade for her babies is a beautiful portrayal of God's relentless pursuit of us—His children. The Father will stop at nothing to make sure we are safely in His arms.

This is the love that prevails. Jesus Christ has already proven He will do whatever it takes to demonstrate His love for His children. He left a sinless heaven to join humanity on a sinful earth because He loves us. He allowed himself to be ridiculed, tortured, beaten because He loves us. He felt the piercing agony of nails rip through his flesh because He loves us. The Son of God took the sin of the world and paid the highest price because He loves us.

states, "But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Christ gave His life so we may be called sons and daughters of the King. What love! What incredible, all-consuming passion! To know we have a Father in Heaven who will pursue us, fight for us, and even die for us is a powerful love indeed.

We each have been created to love and be loved. Our deepest desires come from the heart that longs to be pursued. Is it possible you feel very unloved during the season of life holding you? Regardless of the pain you may be facing right now or the rejection sometimes glaring you in the face, may you be encouraged by the existence of True Love. A Love only God, the one who created you, can give.

When discouragement stares at you from the mirror of life, place your heart at the foot of the cross. It is in this place where love brings you in, holds you tightly, and carries you. The shadow of the cross reflects the greatest love man has ever known. May its beautiful shadow be a reminder you have been fought for, you have been pursued, you are wanted, you are loved!

Because of a mother's endless love, Bonnie's children flew home with her on Valentine's Day. Because of our Father's endless love, we have a heavenly home waiting for us.

"Look at how great a love the Father has given us that we should be called God's children. And we are!" a

Copyright © 2012 by Heather B. Iseminger. Used with permission.

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Heather B.

Heather Iseminger is the wife of Michael Iseminger and mother of Ella and Caleb. She teaches American Literature to high school juniors. She received a Creative Writing degree from FSU and a MACE from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Her article "I'm Not SuperWoman" won Article of the Year at the 2012 Florida Christian Writer's Conference. You can read her article and others at

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