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When God Gives a Promise, He Fulfills It

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“They were small, very small,” Nicole said thinking back on birth of her sons. “The doctor said that there's a possibility of them not living after this. No, God will not tell me that I would have these babies only to take it away and strip away from me. He wouldn't do that.”

Leroy and Nicole Longoria were blessed with four wonderful daughters over the years; however, Nicole still felt a desire to complete their family with a boy. After much prayer, she heard a word from God.  

“The Lord finally told me, ‘Okay, you will have a son.’ That was really exciting,” Nicole said. "And He kept mentioning a double portion blessing. I didn't understand what that was, honestly.”

“She kept telling me she had a promise, she had a dream, and she was promised a baby boy,” Leroy said. “I believed her.”

Shortly after, in January of 2022, Nicole learned she was pregnant and that it would indeed be a boy – though not just one, but two. The Longoria’s were overjoyed that God’s promise would be fulfilled, however there was a complication at week 12 – Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

“One of the babies is donating all of his nutrients to the other baby,” Nicole said. "He said I could either lose one baby, both babies. I did tell God that I was afraid, but at the same time I trusted Him.”

Surgery was an option, but even with that there was still a high risk of losing one or both of the boys. The Longoria’s were given three days to make a decision. They turned to God for the answer.

“So, I got on my knees and I started praying, ‘I'm going to believe you, God, I'm still going to believe, even though it seems impossible, because it does.’ I remember them doing the sonogram and the doctor came in," Nicole said. "Her eyes just like got really big. And she said, ‘Out of all of my years of practice I've never seen this happen. It’s like it resolved on its own.’ I did cry, and I did say loudly, ‘That was God because only God could do that.’”

With both boys now developing properly without the need for surgery, the Longoria’s went home filled with hope. But then, twenty-seven weeks into the pregnancy, Nicole’s water suddenly broke in the bathroom and she prematurely gave birth to the first twin on the floor. 9-1-1 was called and an ambulance took them to the hospital where the second twin was delivered. While both boys were in danger of losing their lives due to their difficult births, one of them also had a severe intestinal issue. 

“I heard the doctor saying that it was best that we pull the plug and hold him for the last bit of time that we had left,” Nicole recalled. "I remember telling her, ‘No, I will not allow those death words to be spoken around us ever again. You do what you can do and I'm going to believe that my God's going to do the rest.’ And I remember my husband saying to them, ‘God promised us that we would have a son, and he gave us two, and we're going to walk out of here with two.’”

“You do the best you can, try to be a good dad and be protective, but at this time I had no control over anything at all,” Leroy said. “I was just hoping and begging God, ‘You can do something.’ I believed that there was still a promise.”

Then, after several surgeries, both twins miraculously began to improve. It was a slow process, but 115 days later, Leon and Matthew were home. Today they are perfectly healthy. Leroy and Nicole see their family as living evidence of God’s faithfulness and love.

“I'm very grateful because it truly is a blessing to be a father to my four girls and now my two boys,” Leroy said. “I do believe in the power of prayer, because that was part of it. I think that it could have went completely opposite. Give it to God. Give it to Him and let Him take care of it and He will.”

“It's amazing to see how God really brought us through that,” Nicole said. "Hearing all the negative stuff, you think that nothing good could come out of it, but here we are. Being able to be home and hold them, and feed them, and feel the touch of their skin, and see them smile at me in the mornings and at night, it makes me really joyful and thankful to God more than I have ever been. When He gives a promise, when He says He will do something, He will do it. He was there for me, and for them, and for my whole family through it all.”

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