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“This was not Luck: I am Blessed.”

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“I had no idea he was on his motorcycle that day,” said Keri Hull. “The first thing I heard was a woman on the other end saying, 'Your husband's okay, but he's been in a motorcycle accident and he's on his way to the hospital.'"

“I was literally walking in the door whenever I got the call from my mom," her daughter MJ remembers. “Normally when people say that, it's not really how it is.” 

Mason thinks back, “That's just something I never imagined, that life would just kind of pause for a moment and stop.” He continues, “You always hear about how life can just go so fast, but I have never felt that until then. What if that was the last time that I hugged dad, or saw him leave, and I didn't even really say bye.”

October 2, 2020. Rob Hull was riding home from a meeting in downtown Nashville, when he was hit from behind by a truck and launched over the handlebars of his motorcycle. His head hit the pavement as his body skidded on the highway. His wife Keri, his son Mason, and daughter MJ rushed to the hospital, contacting family and friends for urgent prayer for his survival.

“We were texting all the people that we knew, just to pray for him and we were praying for him on the way there, because we had no idea how bad it was going to be or what to even expect,” said MJ.

“Through prayer I've seen God work miracles. I just knew we needed prayer. We needed people to rally around us and we needed to pray for Rob,” said Keri.

Rob was taken to the nearest trauma hospital fading in and out of consciousness.

Mason remembers feeling helpless in the parking lot. He says, “So with COVID restrictions they only let mom in there to go see him. So that kind of felt like a slap in the face, to be like we're not going to hear anything until mom lets us know. Immediately, in that moment is where I think my sister and I weren't scared of the intimacy of really praying together. With faith, boldness and expecting...I think that's something I'll always appreciate looking back, was getting to share that with my sister, being able to pray together.”
They waited anxiously as emergency room staff took x-rays and a CT scan, concerned he may have a broken neck, cracked vertebrae, or a brain bleed. Still unsure of Rob’s condition, Keri cautiously approached her battered husband.  

“I think that's when the fear started to set in, was the minute I saw him in the bed. I was almost afraid to walk any closer to see what I was gonna see.” Keri continues, “I remember looking down and seeing his boots and his clothes on the ground and they were shredded. Like the boots were shredded. That really hit me, how bad it actually was. And then when I came up to the side of him, I could see all the road rash and everything on the whole right side of his body.”

Rob drifted in and out of consciousness, while they waited for the results of the CT scan. Finally, Keri was able to facetime MJ & Mason.

“The first thing that I saw was my dad sitting there with a neck brace on. And he could barely talk. He was just  looking at us. It was scary, but it was – it was good to see that he was talking to us, and he was there, alive, when probably shouldn't have been,” said MJ.

“It was such a deep breath of relief that was like, 'Okay, he's conscious.' I mean, just seeing someone in that state, someone you love in that state of pain was really hard to look at,” recalls Mason.

After several hours they received amazing news. Doctors determined that although Rob had suffered a traumatic brain injury, he was clear to go home, that same night.

Relieved Keri states, “So when they told me that there was no broken bones or internal bleeding, I just knew God had him. I mean, God really protected him that day.”

With a smile Rob states, “I remember this nurse looking over my chart. She goes, 'Well, we can't find any brain bleed, we can't find any cracked vertebrae, we can't find any broken bones. You are lucky.' And I was laying there still in my neck brace on the table, you know, and I said, 'I'm not – this isn't luck. I'm blessed. This is God with me.' You know. God was with me.”

MJ remembers her dad walking out of the emergency room. “It was just a miracle knowing how bad it really could have been, and then seeing my dad walk out of the hospital that night and hugging us and everything, it was truly a miracle.”

“I just remember deep appreciation for everything that I got to share with my dad and continue to get to share with my dad, because of his recovery from the wreck. Just joyfulness that we get to still go on adventures, make things as creative people. Every time I see him I'm just so thankful,” said Mason.

“Knowing that Rob could possibly not be here today is just, I mean, I'm so thankful and grateful that God spared his life that day,” said Keri.  

Rob made a full recovery, thankful for answered prayers in his family’s desperate time of need.

“I'm thankful God spared me. I am. He could have taken me and called me home. I could have woken up in Heaven and not known even what happened. Because as I woke up on the concrete, I didn't even know what had happened. So it could have been a transition to Heaven, but I'm thankful He spared me,” said Rob.

“The comfort of friends and family praying for us was huge, and then I was feeling the peace of the Holy Spirit, which I know came from the power of prayer,” said Keri.  

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