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Parents Discover Their Sons Have a Death Sentence

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Growing up, the Yang twins were always sick.

Their mother explains, “They often caught colds and had fevers, so we took them to a small clinic to get injections and medicine.”

Their father adds, “We fed them nutritious foods to make their bodies strong and thought they’d get better as they got older.”

Yet, they only got worse. And one day, Xin collapsed while the boys were playing basketball.

“He was sweating, and his face was white,” his brother recalls. “He put his hand over his heart and was panting the whole way home.  He said, ‘I’m afraid.  I don't want to die.’”

“His words filled me with terror,” Mrs. Yang shares.  “So, I borrowed money from a neighbor and took Xin to the hospital right away.”

Doctors discovered that Xin had a large hole in his heart that had been growing since he was a baby.  When they checked his brother’s heart, they found the same thing.

Mrs. Yang says, “My boys’ health got worse and worse. They could barely walk.  My sons asked me, ‘Mom, will we die if we don't have the surgery?’”

“We had to stay home and read or watch TV or just sleep,” Xin shares.  “I was so sad.  My brother read me stories about Superman.  He said, ‘Brother, you’re my hero. You’re going to recover!’”

His twin adds, “When I was sick, Xin told me we’d get through it together.”

The couple was poor and couldn’t afford surgery. Then, a friend told them about Operation Blessing, and you made it possible for both boys to get operations.
“Now they’re energetic and they never get tired,” exclaims Mr. Yang.

 “Once we played basketball from two-o-clock to ten,” says Xin’s twin.

Xin adds, “My classmates say I'm like a new person.”

“My boys are healed,” concludes Mrs. Yang. “We are happy from the bottom of our hearts.  I really appreciate the Operation Blessing donors for helping us. We don't know what we would’ve done without you.”

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