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Pray for America - Day 5

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Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. — 

DAY 5: "Coming Home"

Have you ever watched a sailor when he reunites with his wife after being away at sea? When they hug, you’ll see heartfelt smiles and tears both at the same time. You know their embrace is warm, welcoming and safe. Or when you see the reaction of a little girl when her daddy, dressed in his battle uniform with arms open wide, surprises her at school? Tears will well up in everyone’s eyes when she jumps into his arms shouting, “Daddy, Daddy!” The feelings of love and security are etched on her heart forever.

In the parable of the prodigal son, after squandering the inheritance that his father has given him, the son, in a state of brokenness and humiliation, turns toward home with a repentant heart. Seeing him from a distance, the father runs to his son with open arms. Moved with compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, the father gives his son what is unexpected, and what the son must feel is completely undeserved. Based solely on the father’s love, the relationship is restored. Our heavenly Father gives us the same promise of acceptance, without condition, when we return to Him with hearts open to His love.

Pray for the heart of America and for families to be restored. It starts in our own homes. Pray that parents turn to God with changed hearts, ready to seize opportunities to demonstrate compassionate, forgiving and accepting love to their children.


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