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Pray for America - Day 24

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And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.  –

DAY 24: "Break Up Your Fallow Ground"

Anyone with a “green thumb” will attest to the commitment and hard work needed throughout the gardening process.

In nature when ground is fallow, it is unplowed, hardened, and in need of tilling in order to cultivate. Once the soil is tilled, digging deep is necessary for rooting. Organic compost is then added to ensure fertile soil. Once planted, this rich environment gives the seeds the best chance to thrive.

In Hosea 10, we are encouraged to break up our fallow ground and to seek the Lord. Spiritually, breaking up fallow ground involves tilling the soil of a hardened heart that has lacked proper nourishment such as prayer, Bible study, and intimate fellowship with the Lord. The tilling occurs when we confess our sins before God and humbly ask His forgiveness. The desire to dig deep allows our roots to go far down into the soil of His marvelous love for security and protection. The Spirit provides the fertile environment for us to grow in Christ and produce fruit. As we thrive in our walk of faith, we will sow righteousness and reap mercy while continuing to seek the Lord who rains blessings on us.

Pray for all God’s people across America whose hearts have been hardened as a result of not seeking Him. Ask the Lord to guide His children to break up our fallow ground and return to Him with repentant hearts.


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