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Doctor and Prayer Restored Mental Clarity

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“My name is Bonnie Milks. I'm a very lively, almost 79-year-old person. It was May 1st, and I call it my, 'Mayday.' And I was going to Bible study on my bike. I have a backpack on my back with my Bible and stuff in it. And my backpack swung over my shoulder and I, without thinking, I, grabbed for it. And then when I grabbed for it, toppled to the pavement, then pinned my leg under the bike. Well, when I hit the curb, the helmet pushed down and lacerated right here between my eyes. Missed my eyes, 'thank you Lord, for that!' Just lacerated right there. And it was bleeding terribly. I spent a long afternoon in the E.R. and got the CAT scan, got the x-ray, got stitches, and there were four of them right across here."

Bonnie continues, "I was having problems speaking fluently. It was always blocked out, like the words had to run over an obstacle course in order to come out from my brain to my mouth, and it just seemed like it was so hard to read, so hard to absorb the printed page. I realized I was having problems. Well, I was watching The 700 Club and when they got to the healing part, Gordon was saying, 'There's someone who was in a…there's someone, you've been involved in an accident,” says Gordon, "and I don't know if it was a motorcycle or a bicycle, but what I'm getting is the were wearing a helmet and this is how you'll know it's you, that the helmet on your forehead left a mark from where you hit. You're dealing with a lot of issues in your brain as a result of this accident. God is healing you. He is restoring your mental function. He's going to give it all back to you, just as if it never happened. You're healed now. In Jesus name.'"
“So I knew that was me and I said, ‘Alright Lord, I receive that!’ And then I went to be," said Bonnie. “Well, when I woke up the next morning everything was different. I’m not fighting to get the words out. My balance was straight. My...I could read anything and absorb it, I could listen and focus. And it was just totally different world. I'm very thankful. It was, it was like a whole new world again. You know, I didn't realize how limited I had been for the last five months. It just reaffirmed to me that He was taking care of me, that He is always faithful. He doesn't change. He knows, when you don't know, and His plans are always good.”

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