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Woman Receives Multiple Miracles, Shoulder Pain Healed

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“I couldn’t lift it. It was awful,” said Rosalind Castro. “I started to get numbness, tingling.”
It was November 2015 when Rosalind woke up one morning to severe pain in her left shoulder. As a production designer, Rosalind thought she hurt it on her job at a furniture company. “I was working a lot of hours at my job. It was a very stressful time at work. I was afraid to take time off because we had a lot of deadlines,” she recalled.

The pain went on for weeks, months, and eventually years. None of the many doctors Rosalind went to could find anything wrong. Desperate, she tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture but nothing worked. The only relief came through pain medication. “Sometimes I would get a shooting pain and it felt like I had little pieces of bone shattered,” said Rosalind. “It was interfering with my daily activities like showering, changing clothing. I couldn't lift it. I started to cry out to the Lord because that’s not a way to live. I started to pray to the Lord because I needed to get through the day.”

The pain would get even worse when Rosalind started taking care of her disabled mother, having to help her in and out of her wheelchair. “I just would pray all the time, asking for the Lord to gimme strength. I know that the Lord is a Healer and I’ll go to Him first and then whatever He guides me to do,” Rosalind stated. “I don't reject medication, and I don't reject doctors, and I don't reject any kind of medical treatment, but I'll always go to the Lord.”

Then on November 13, 2020, almost five years to the day since the pain started, she was watching The 700 Club. Ashley Key was praying. “Someone who is watching is having pain in your left shoulder,” explained Ashley. “It is very discomforting, pain all of the time, and you have been asking God to heal you, and He is answering that prayer now. You will be healed and pain-free in the name of Jesus.”

“When she gave that word, I screamed, ‘I receive it, I receive it,’ and I'm thanking the Lord. And I'm excited,” said Rosalind. “And I still had the pain, but I went to sleep. And when I woke up that morning…I'm healed. I don't feel anything.”

But Rosalind’s journey to healing wasn’t over. A month later, she re-injured her shoulder while helping her mother. “I felt a snap. I was trying to ignore it,” she said. “The pain came back and I was like, no, I don't wanna go through this again. I felt like I went back into the hole. I was asking the Lord to restore everything.”

Four weeks later, Rosalind was watching The 700 Club and again would receive a word of knowledge from the Lord. This one came from Terry Meeuwesen. “There is somebody with a rotator cuff issue. It’s not torn exactly, but it is very, very sore, especially when you move your arm around to try to lift anything above the height of your shoulder,” explained Terry. “God is healing that for you. You’re going to feel a warmth come into that part of our shoulder and it is being all put back in place.”

“And I can’t believe it. I grabbed it. I said, 'I'm grabbing that,'” shared Rosalind. “I went to bed, and I woke up in the morning, it was gone. And it's been gone till, praise the Lord till today, you know, no pain, nothing, like my arm is the way it's supposed to be.”

Although her pain was gone, Rosalind would need God’s touch again. In addition to taking care of her mother, she had started helping her father who was blind and had dementia. Rosalind felt overwhelmed and alone. “If I got one hour of sleep a day, that was a lot,” she said. “I was saying, 'Lord, let Your will be done. Gimme strength, gimme love, so I can do this with love.' You know, it was difficult. Praying to the Lord, ‘help me, gimme wisdom. Help me get through this day.’”

Then in January 2021, Rosalind received a third word of knowledge. Again, it was Terry. “Restoration is the word for you. And you are so discouraged and alone. God is answering the thing you asked of Him,” said Terry. “He is with you right now. You have never been alone, but put up your hands and receive it and thank Him.”

“I couldn't believe it. It was like, wow. I was asking the Lord to restore everything in my tell me what His plans are,” explained Rosalind. “I have seen that word be fulfilled.”

Rosalind’s mother has since passed, and her father now lives with a caregiver. Today, Rosalind takes care of two uncles and says the Lord is giving her strength with each new day. “I'm seeing Him as a God that is of the impossible. That nothing is impossible for Him. That He is faithful to His word, faithful to His promises. And it's just been amazing,” she concluded.

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About The Author

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