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Her Healing Inspires Others to Believe

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“I’m 77 years old; I have got to keep moving and I, and I've gotta keep the exercise going and watching what I eat and take care of myself.”

In December 2022, avid biker, Cherlynn Nickerson, took a painful fall off her three-wheeled bike during a neighborhood ride with the Trike Angels, her bike riding group. She ended up in the ER with pain and fluid on her right knee, and after several tests, no remedies from the doctors. She began seeing her chiropractor weekly to try to get the fluid to go away, but to no avail. Even though she had significant trouble walking because of the chronic pain and swelling in the knee, she refused to stop riding.

She was also a faithful watcher of the 700 Club. On April 17, 2023, while rubbing her pained knee, Cherlynn recalls hosts Gordon Robertson and Terry Mueeswen sharing an unexpectedly specific word, clearly meant just for her. 

Gordon said, “Many people have heard the stories of the right knee and you’re going, 'I have knee problems too,' and whether it is the right knee or the left knee or both knees, just lay your hands on your knees right now and when we agree touching them, in Jesus’ name, be healed. Be strengthened. Be made whole. No more pain. No more difficulty but in the name of Jesus, work now and be whole. We receive it now.”

Cherlynn said, “Okay, Lord, I really hope that’s me. Please let it be me.” Terry then continued: “There is someone—they are saying could that possibly be me? This is such a strange thing, but you have a very large red purse. God is healing you. If you have a red patent leather purse, know that is your miracle.” 

Cherlynn said, “I knew it was for me because it was so specific; the fact that God gave her those words: ‘a red large patent leather purse,’ I thought, that has got to be me. Everybody knows I carry my red purse and they see it all the time. Then, immediately, I bent my knee that was swollen and had been hurting. I could bend my knee all the way without it hurting!”

Following her healing, Cherlynn remains pain free! In her words, “It’s made a difference in how I pray...I'm part of the prayer ministry team at our church. I pray for people. This has given me more faith to absolutely stand in the gap for people and believe that God can heal them in a mightier way…my faith is much stronger to dig in there and tell all the people I meet, ‘You need to stand on this believing and having faith that God is going to hear this prayer.’” 

Cherlynn wants to encourage people in their faith to know that God is real, and that He does heal.

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