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Arm Healed Without Pain Medication

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Everyday Rosemary Gustafson rises early to manage her and her husband's, Ragnar, 41 acre horse farm called, “Son Shine Ranch.” It takes a lot of energy and strength, especially when it comes to throwing around the 60 pound bales of hay they use to feed their 12 horses. 

Rosemary said, “Well, I don't, I do if I have to, but my husband, who is 85, throws the big bales of hay around and he, he works just as hard as anybody at 85.” 

In October of 2022, that task would fall on Rosemary when Ragnar and their son were out of town visiting relatives in Norway for two weeks.  

She said, “I pulled a bale of hay down with one arm, this one, my right arm, which it hurt a little bit. And then I picked up way too much hay and threw it over the stall, which I shouldn't have. And I just felt it rip and tear.” 

“I know better than to throw that much hay over. And I wasn't thinking...I was probably, I don't know what I was thinking because I should know better than that.” 

Rosemary assumed she had just pulled a muscle and went about taking care of the farm the best she could. Over the next couple of days, the pain only got worse. “Horrible, excruciating,” recalled Rosemary. “I just kept it right at my side and just fed the rest of the horses with one hand.”

For a minute she thought about going to the doctor. “Doctors are good. I’m not saying don't go to doctors because God can use doctors, but I just didn't feel like at that time they would do anything but give you pain pills. And I don't do those.”

She said, “I put my own pain patches on, which helped a little and then just held it real still. I just held it right here.”

Rosemary also went to God. “Just, 'God, help me get through this. God help me get through this. Help. Give me the strength, Father God. And I thank you for the healing because You're thank Him.' You're not moved by what you see or what you hear. You're moved by God's word and His word says, 'He healed them all,'” said Rosemary. 

Then, on October 22nd, Rosemary came in the house at noon as she has done for years and turned on The 700 Club. Later in the show, Gordon Robertson started praying, “There's somebody out there that has terrible pain in their right shoulder,” said Gordon.

“And I said, oh, that's me. And I put my hand on my shoulder. But then he went on to say, 'but then it goes up into your head and you have headaches, and it goes down your back and all over your back.' And I thought, oh well, that's not me. So, I didn't even think about it and didn't think it was me. So went on the rest of the day, didn't think much about it.” 

That evening, still holding her right arm at her side to prevent pain, Rosemary was putting on her jacket to go outside when. . .“All of a sudden, my arm moved and I, I moved it. I could not move it before that. I held it up in the air and it was totally, completely healed,” said Rosemary. 

“And because we support The 700 Club and are members - they call us every once in a while and ask, 'Do you have a prayer request?' Well, actually I shared with them that I don't have a prayer request, but I do have a praise. And so I shared that praise with them.”

Rosemary was able to take care of the horses – and moving around that hay – with no pain at all! When asked about God and His healing, Rosemary says she and Ragnar believe there’s something we all need to remember, “Faithful. He's faithful and there's nothing in your life that He's not interested in. I mean, you cannot, you cannot limit God because He loves us.” 

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