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Afib Heart Resets After Prayer Visit

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Sandy Goldmintz tells her story: “On December 3rd, the day before I turned 55, I was having my hair done. I was planning on going to a Christmas party that night at my church.” 

“My heart started to race very rapidly. Something that I've never experienced before.” 

“And I tried to stay very calm and rest in the Lord, but I was concerned. I didn't have a peace about why my heart was racing like that. So I prayed and asked, 'Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do?' And He highlighted an emergency walk in clinic right next to my hair salon. So, I went in and I was telling the receptionist my symptoms, and the doctor said get her in here now. And so, she had the EKG machine ready and when she had me on the table for a minute, she said, 'This is what I thought, you're in atrial fibrillation, Afib.'”

“And my heart was going all the way up to 200, 186, 200. It was just jumping, and it was very high. She said, 'I am calling an ambulance. I just didn’t know what was going to occur but I just trusted the Lord. I was afraid. But I just remember He said, 'be not afraid.' And so, I just kept clinging to Him.”

“They ran so many tests and x-rays and there was nothing structurally wrong with my heart. But even after they had an IV with this special cardiac medicine, my heart was not doing what they expected it to do. So, they continued to increase that medicine and told me they were going to put me overnight and see a cardiologist in the morning. And the very next morning the cardiologist had a test performed on me. I was still in AFib and he told me that my heart was fine and they were going to get to the root. Why? Of course, I had questions, why did this happen?” 

“And so, for five days it was a battle for my health.”

“The next day they came into my room and they looked at me and said, 'We're not getting where we thought we would get. And the next step is a cardioversion.' And they explained it to me; they shock the heart. I was very afraid of that. That scared me because a shock to the heart and I was just telling the Lord it was traumatic and I knew I couldn't handle it, but Lord, 'Your will if I have to go through with it, You’ll be there for me, Lord help me not be afraid.'"

“In the interim, I had so many people at CBN praying for me. My church and my sister-in-law kept sending me encouragement.”

Sandy’s sister-in-law Becci: “Just every day lifted her up in prayer. And when it came to the fifth day of her being in the hospital, I said, well, you know, I, I better go visit her. I was expecting her actually to be out a little bit sooner than that. And I said, hmm, okay. I need to go visit her. And, just, you know, see what's going on, Lord. Why isn't she healed yet?”

Sandy: “She came to visit me on day 5 in the hospital. She stood up at the very foot of my bed and she put her hands out like this and said. . .”

Becci: “Jesus, to put His hot, healing hands around her heart.” 

Sandy: “When she said that I saw it. It was like I could see it in just, I seen Him doing it and the nurse comes in 30 minutes later and she takes a look at the heart monitor and she says, 'Your heart rate is at 68.' My response was, 'Well that’s my normal resting heart rate.' And I started to cry, and I said, 'I got my miracle I’ve been praying for.' And she says, 'I believe you did.'"

“The next morning, they woke me up, everything was stable, everything was normal. I had been given glory telling people, texting people this miracle. Cause I knew it was finished. I knew it was done.” 

Becci: “He wants to heal people, so I take that to heart, believe, and I believed it for Sandy.” 

Sandy: “As I was getting ready to be discharged, the discharging doctor, not the cardiologist, he looked at my monitor and he said, 'wait a minute, did she convert back into normal sinus rhythm?' He didn't even know that. He just knew the heart rate was normal. And I said, 'Jesus did it, but Jesus did it. He, He reset, He recalibrated my heart and I'm grateful.' Because He is healer, and He is faithful, and just keep believing. And the power of prayer.”

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