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Miracle Unfolds for Unborn Baby

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Shortly after the Ma’s married, they decided to start a family. They couldn’t have been happier, until they found out that their son Zifan would be born with a rare heart disease.

“The doctor said only one in a million babies have it,” Mrs. Ma remembers.

Mr. Ma adds, “The blood vessels in Zifan’s heart and lungs were in the wrong position, and he wouldn’t be able to breathe after he was born. He’d suffocate.”

“I was overwhelmed,” Mrs. Ma cries. “The doctors suggested that we not have Zifan. But I remember an ultrasound where I heard his heartbeat. And when he kicked, it seemed he was telling me, ‘Mom, I’m strong. You should be strong, too.’”

Mr. Ma started working a second job to try to save money for surgery. Mrs. Ma sold her wedding bracelet. “It was the most valuable thing I had,” she admits. “But my baby was more important, so I gave it up.”

Mrs. Ma often checked to see if there was movement in her womb. She reflects, “One night, I had a nightmare that he was stillborn, and I woke up crying and sweating.”

As Zifan’s due date approached, the couple still didn’t have enough for surgery.  

Mr. Ma says, “He wouldn’t have a chance at life.”

Mrs. Ma adds, “Instead of celebrating his birth, we’d have to take his little body home, buy a coffin and have a funeral.”

Around this time, the Ma’s met a woman who told them about Operation Blessing. The couple contacted us, and we said we’d help make it possible for Zifan to get surgery. The Ma’s are Muslims and were surprised by the news.

“I didn't expect a Christian lady who was completely different from us to help. But she was very warm-hearted,” Mrs. Ma recalls. “I touched my belly and told my baby: ‘You’re going to make it! Some kind people are going to help us.’”  

Soon after Zifan was born, we made sure he got surgery.

“Look how happy he is,” his mother exclaims. “His heart is healthy. He breathes well and can climb. He’s energetic and fast, and I enjoy every minute with him.”

His father reports, “He’s lively and likes to laugh. Without your help, we would have lost our baby.”

“Whenever I hear my son's heartbeat, I think of Operation Blessing. I think of your love,” Mrs. Ma concludes. “You’ve given my son and our family a bright future.”


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Zsa Zsa Palagyi
Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Palagyi loves to tell stories about the Lord. Originally from California, she moved to NYC to work in TV, where she committed her life to Christ and was later called into Christian media. Now a CBN producer and Christian radio on-air personality, she seeks authenticity and enjoys art, culture, travel, fitness, fashion, the beach, and cats.