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Desire Change in Your Life? Try Fasting

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Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is not talked about in churches regularly. However, God expects us to fast. Although prayer is powerful there are times when prayer in and of itself is not enough. “There are some realities in our lives that are simply not going to shift without both prayer and fasting,” shares Tammy. If you are new to fasting, Tammy answers the following questions below on why and how to choose biblical fasting:
    •    Why do I fast? - Jesus fasted and taught his disciples to do the same. Some things only come out through prayer and fasting. Fasting is a powerful key to open doors of opportunity God has for you. Fasting shows you how to desire the things of the spirit. You are asking God to do something for you supernaturally.
    •    What do I fast? – The word fast in the Hebrew means to “abstain from food.” There are several different types of fasts you can do. For example, the Daniel fast consists of only eating grains, fruits and vegetables. Or, an absolute fast is when you only drink water. Consult your physician before taking part in any fast.
    •    How do I fast? – Fast is an offering to God. There is a war inside of you. Physical cravings come and that is when you pray and press into God. To distract your hunger pangs, go on a prayer walk. Give in to the spirit, not the flesh and you’ll get stronger. 
    •    When do I fast? – When you need breakthrough, a burden lifted, or a blessing. 

According to Webster’s dictionary, the word change defined means to make (someone or something) different or, to replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for (another). The soul craves transformation. “We need to seek God in prayer and fasting for the personal growth and development that we want and need. We need to ask God to show us the areas in our lives in which we are not yet all that He created us to be,” reveals Tammy.

Many people want to see change in their lives, but few do. The reason for this is because people lack desire (the fuel for change), discipline (the practice of change) and accountability (the structure for change). For example, fear, bitterness, or pride can keep you from the life God wants for you. Fasting is necessary to bring about change or breakthrough in certain areas of your life.

God teaches us in the Old Testament and the New Testament that part of our victory over spiritual warfare comes through the practice of fasting. Fasting is the discipline to know how to say “no” to our flesh and “yes” to God. It teaches us how to suppress our cravings and turn to Christ for our answers. Fasting is a two-part strategy that God put in place for His followers to win the battle with the enemy. In Matthew 17:21 Jesus said: “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” The disciples were trying to heal a boy of a demonic spirit and were unsuccessful. Jesus schooled them in the truth that some things need both our prayers and our fasting. Tammy believes, “Fasting is a vital key to our success in winning the war with both our flesh and our enemy.” 

Although Tammy believes in intermittent fasting, which does offer health benefits, it is not the same as spiritual fasting. Biblical fasting can produce results such as rest, clarity, and physical well-being, but it also brings another dimension. Fasting is also a practice of spiritual warfare. It empowers us to suppress our physical cravings and turn to Christ for our answers. The craving of the soul for change can only be brought about through fasting. Ask God to show you the areas in your life in which you are not yet all that He created you to be.

Tammy has been a prayer warrior for many years, yet it wasn’t until ten years ago when she needed a miracle for a loved one that she combined the discipline of fasting with prayer. She says, “While we often discover fasting out of desperation, it should not be just a last-resort option…it is not seasonal. It is intended to be a regular part of the rhythm of our lives.”

In 2020, she also led her church on a spiritual fast (through twenty-one days of the names of God) and out of that journey wrote her first book on fasting. The next year she wrote her second book on fasting. She and her church fasted, believed, and sought the supernatural realm to become their reality. 

In her latest book, Fasting for a Change, Tammy shares, “Healthy habits and positive characteristics that lead you to become the person God created you to be. Healthy choices combined with spiritual fasting are the two edged sword you need in order to see your breakthrough and to become your personal best.” She explores twenty-one qualities through the lens of three Biblical figures like: Moses, Elijah, and Jesus over a 21-day journey. Tammy also has daily coaching videos on her website, to encourage you each day and help you stay strong in your fast. 
    •    Moses, the man who led the people of God out of Egyptian bondage. When he went up to the mountain to receive the ten commandments he fasted for forty days and forty nights without bread or water. When the commandments were complete he took them down the mountain, but because of his disgust of their worshipping foreign gods he threw the stone tablets on the ground. Once again, Moses went back up the mountain and fasted for forty days and forty nights as he sat in the presence of God, going even deeper. Tammy says, “Fasting will do that – it will take you into the depths. Your desires will move from the things of this world to the things of God.”
    •    Elijah, a prophet of God, battled the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. He felt exhausted and defeated. An angel was sent to feed Elijah and encourage him to rest. Then Elijah took time to fast for forty days. “Fasting is a time for refuge, a time to refuel,” reveals Tammy.
    •    Jesus – He died on the cross for the sin of humanity. “Fasting helps to usher us into the kind of Christlike humility that allows us to experience the full victory of God. When we humble our bodies and our souls, God will exalt us.”
Tammy shares, “I truly believe we need a change in America. We need a change in our our churches, we need a change in our communities, and we definitely need a change in our culture. I’m believing God for more in 2024. I’m fasting for a change.”

Tammy is an author, speaker, life coach, and the founder of a national women’s movement, Women of Influence. She has a passion for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts. She is the President of Total Life Coach, LLC, a coaching company with an emphasis on life balance, purpose, and reinvention. Tammy and her husband, Phil, are the co-founders of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California. 

To purchase your copy of Tammy Hotsenpiller's book, Fasting for a Change, please visit her website:

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